Life as a River

The paragraphs below, are my opinions based on my observations and experiences. Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s funny, but our lot in life is seldom written in stone. It is fluid. Like a river it often seeks its own direction, but that direction is not always easy to understand. I believe we can change our lives for the better, and sometimes even the changes that we don’t create for ourselves, can become positive. Very little in this mortal world, should be taken as irreversible.

Several years ago (2005 I believe), I had a good friend who was given a death sentence by not one, but two doctors. His health insurance was running out so he finally saw a doctor, but alas, the problem and the insurance were too expensive. Now in 2015 (2016), last time I checked, he was alive and kicking. He believed the death sentence at first, but decided (with God) that he wasn’t ready to go.

Nothing good or bad, lasts forever on this Earth. The road we are on, be it righteous or wrong, is just one journey in a life full of emotional and physical twists and turns. The worst times we go through, are still temporary, but alas, so are the best. It seems to me that we should navigate our journey not to create change for the sake of it, but in a effort to grow and become more today than we were yesterday.

Above all, never give up.


Just one great pcture today, created by Guy Tal. The term power comes to mind when I see this image. A powerful image made of a powerful natural occurrence, by a powerful photographer/artist.GuyTal


I wish each of you a happy New Year’s holiday and a great 2016,                                     Wayne


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