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Today’s post is a mix of my opinions, and a lot of indisputable facts. My words are written in black and most of the rest in blue. Anytine you copy and paste info in a blog such as this, there will be some issues with format/color etc. This blog has several parts to it, and I know it is long. There is much for us to consider in these tumultuous times.

Pray that either nobody of financial consequence in your family dies, or that Hillary Clinton never becomes president. The “death tax” was already immoral at its roots. It has destroyed many families in the past, and this increase will affect many middle income families with small businesses such as a family farm, an auto repair garage, or a home remodeling business. Hilary has proposed a 65% increase in the death tax. She calls it a tax on the 1%. Don’t you believe it.

You don’t forget moments like this – the ones that come so unexpectedly, shoving a pit into your stomach. I was 21-years-old and nearing the due date for my husband Bryon and my first baby. That’s when the phone call came: “Kristi, your dad is stuck in a grain bin.” I knew instantly what it meant.

By the time I got to the farm, neighbors and friends had taken payloaders and ripped down the grain bin trying to find my dad. When they finally did, our neighbors started doing CPR until the EMTs took over. I followed the ambulance to the hospital with my family and the doctors fought to save him for hours. Nothing worked. That night, we lost my dad – this man who had seemed invincible to me.

Not too long after the accident, while we were still trying to pick up the pieces, our family received a letter from the IRS. Because of this tragedy, one that undermined our sense of security, the death tax was now about to undermine our financial security.

I could see that we had land that my dad started buying in high school and land my grandpa had bought decades before that. We had cattle and the machinery needed to farm the land and care for the cattle. But we didn’t have enough money in the bank to pay what the IRS was asking.

I have never understood why the federal government thought it was appropriate to go after families with this double tax – especially in a time of crisis. My family had already paid taxes on the equipment, the land, and any other assets. Now, we had to pay taxes on it again because my dad had died. It’s not right.

I couldn’t imagine losing the farm my family had built. After all, it was my dad’s dream to pass it on to us kids. That’s why he got up at the crack of dawn almost every morning. He wanted to give us the opportunity to farm together, if we wanted to.

Earlier this fall, the House Ways and Means Committee offered a blueprint for tax reform designed to grow families’ paychecks, the workforce, and the American economy. In doing so, we worked to shrink the tax burden for every family and streamline the tax code to make it more simple and fair. This includes eliminating damaging add-on taxes – most notably, the death tax.

No family should have to go through what ours did. Clinton’s proposal is a tax on the American Dream during a time of tragedy. Hardworking Americans deserve better.

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) was first elected to serve as South Dakota’s lone Member of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010. She was re-elected to a third term in the House in 2014. She currently serves on the House Ways and Means Committee. Kristi is also a wife, mother, experienced rancher, farmer and small business owner.


We are truly reaching the point where honest, non-violent citizens, who just happen to want their vote to count, and might vote occasionally or regularly for Republicans, are going to start taking the law into their own hands. Thankfully in Connecticut, there is at least one district where they take voter fraud seriously.

It is our coworkers, friends and even family that make it possible for fraud to take place, by them turning their heads the other way for the past 20 years, simply because they vote Democrat. I know of very few rank and file Democrats who do not know that this goes on.

Connecticut Democratic Lawmaker Arrested On 19 Voter Fraud Charges

Voter fraud, an issue that Republicans have been saying is a larger problem than most think while Democrats have continued to downplay the issue is now on full display.

On Friday, Connecticut state Representative Christina “Tita” Ayala, 31 years old, who represents Bridgeport was arrested on 19 counts of voter fraud. The Connecticut State Attorney’s office said that she is accused of voting in various local and state elections where she does not live. Ayala was originally elected into Connecticut’s 128th District in 2012 and lost her reelection campaign.

Ayala was charged with eight counts of fraudulent voting, 10 counts of primary or enrollment violations and one count of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

The case was originally referred to the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in late 2013 by the Elections Enforcement Commission. The crimes occurred between 2009 and 2012. Her mother, Santa, was also investigated however no charges have been filed against Ayala’s mother.

Voter fraud is a serious felony and according to the press release voter fraud is a felony punishable by “not less than one year or more than two years in prison and a fine of $300 to $500 per count.” The arrest warrant also alleges Ayala fabricated evidence then handed it over to investigators with the Connecticut Election Enforcement Commission. She said she lived at a false address inside a district she is accused of voting in but actually lives outside that district. This is a Class D felony carrying a maximum prison sentence up to five years per count.

That Representative was attempting to take away the votes of 19 citizens who might happen to vote Republican. It would be as if they did not exist. It is time for you conservative voters to start making noise, and refusing to give up your rights to greedy criminals who feel privileged to cheat because they are Democrats.


Next time you meet someone, regardless of color, who insists that they vote Democrat because that is the party that supports minorities in inner city ghettos (they wouldn‘t use that word), ask them why those places not only still exist, but why the people there are still so beholden to taxpayers for their existence. Ask them why crime is still so horrible after all of these years. Then ask them, which Republicans in their city keeps them in that condition. They will encounter a problem in answering that. In most big cities there are no Republicans there to blame. Often 100% Democrats. Over 50 years of solid and total Democrat rule. What has it brought them? Death, destruction, despair? 50 years of keeping them “on the plantation” as a voting block. Inner city minorities are nothing more than slaves/voters for Democrats to trot out every election, only to be forgotten once it is over. We have black doctors, black lawyers, black corporate CEOs, and even a black president. Many are political conservatives because they understand the lies from the political left that keep you imprisoned on “the plantation”. They understand it because they escaped the political left to become what they wanted to be. To be free.

Get off the plantation and opt for freedom. Freedom from hatred, from violence and from poverty. You think being black means you have to be a Democrat? Learn what Dr. Ben Carson has to say. “Think” about what Sheriff David Clarke is saying or Allen West or Thomas Sowell. Set yourself free.


With all the half-truths and outright lies about the police and black Americans, below you will find a few facts. I am a white male and I guess by these statistics, I should be worried for my life…..but I am not.

Below you will find the new philosophy of what has been dubbed, implicit bias. It comes from the Obama administration and it suggests that were are all racist. Well, mainly it suggests that all white people are racist.

by Hans A. von Spakovsky August 18, 2016 3:24 PM

Joe Davidson, the “Federal Insider” columnist for the Washington Post, recently published a fawning article about the “implicit bias” training that has been ordered for all Justice Department “law enforcement officers and prosecutors” by Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates and her boss, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch. It is obvious from the column that Davidson has drunk the Kool-Aid on the claim that “most” of us “carry some implicit bias” that influences our behavior.

Nowhere in the column does Davidson mention any of the questions that have been raised about the “implicit bias” tests (Implicit Association Tests or IATs) from which this theory is derived. For example, a 2012 analysis in the

Employee Relation Law Journal points out that social-science findings on unconscious racism are “contested research”: “This research is the subject of vigorous debate within psychology. . . . [E]xperts citing IAT research often mischaracterize the findings from this body of work and omit important limitations on the research” (emphasis added).

Coates also recounted the harassment directed at him and others who worked on another case in Mississippi where black officials were discriminating against white voters. Lawyers inside the Division did not believe the Justice Department should prosecute blacks or other racial minorities for engaging in discrimination, no matter how illegal or how ugly.

The Washington Post has declined to publish my response to Davidson’s attack. For those interested in another viewpoint, one which — unlike Davidson’s — does not accept the “implicit bias” claim as gospel truth, here is that letter.

Letter to the editor:

In his recent column praising “implicit bias” training at the Justice Department, Joe Davidson includes a gratuitous swipe at me that is unfair, uncalled for, and beneath the usual standards of the Post. He snidely suggests I should talk to Howard University’s Lenese Herbert, who claims that the U.S. has a “scourge of officers killing unarmed Black people in extraordinarily disproportionate numbers.”

I would suggest instead that Davidson and Herbert start looking at actual evidence on this issue. Serious questions have been raised about the credibility, reliability, and validity of the supposed “science” behind implicit-bias testing.

As for the “scourge” of “disproportionate” killings, they might familiarize themselves with statistics  from the Justice Department, which show blacks disproportionately commit crimes. In 2009 in our 75 largest counties, blacks were involved in 62 percent of all robberies, 57 percent of all murders, and 45 percent of all assaults while representing only 15 percent of the population. Less than a third of the individuals killed by police are black despite the fact that they commit crimes at a much higher rate than other racial/ethnic groups. Thus, when police are apprehending armed defendants, they will be disproportionately confronting black criminals. That is why, according to the FBI, black criminals also represented 40 percent of cop killers ( while only 15% of the population) from 2005 to 2014.

(I hear no screams, and see no riots, despite the fact that white males are the most killed group by police officers. That’s because the police are doing their job, and helping to keep the rest of us safe from criminals of all colors, and white males like myself, are grateful for that.)

The only implicit bias I have is to look at the facts and the hard evidence instead of making unsupported claims against the law-enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to protect members of the public, no matter their skin color


I have spent my life, opposing racism. Many of my heroes were members of the 1800s abolitionists, and anti Jim Crow Law proponents of the 1900s. Anything that restricts the freedom of citizens to pursue their goals, and achieve their dream, based on race, ethnic background, or sex, is wrong and needs to be defeated. However, I do realize that there are those in every society, who will use discrimination as an excuse to keep groups “in need” of them in order to hold power over them, and keep them voting in their favor. They often stay in power, merely by the (racism) of telling people they are not given a chance. That has been a select group of Democrat elitists, and so-called community organizers (users) (Obama) since the mid 1960s. It is expanding to include most Democrat politicians and literally thousands of groups (Black Lives Matter?). Don’t fall into their trap, no matter who you are, and what your color or background is, support freedom and a better tomorrow.


Back when the presidential primaries concluded, I sarcastically thanked voters for selecting Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president. I thanked them (again sarcastically), for giving Hillary Clinton the keys to the White House. I then shared what I would do at election time. That would be to place my ballots for politically conservative candidates for every office, but abstain from voting at all in the presidential contest. I stated that not even with a gun pointed at the back of my head, I would not cast a ballot for that evil, elitist/Marxist person, Hillary Clinton. Time passed and I reneged on my decision to not vote for Donald Trump. I believed, even with all of his shortcomings, with all of his verbal abuse of both his competition during the primaries, and to others in his previous life, it was not as serious to “say” terrible things, as to “do” terrible things.

I and Americans who actually care about the horrific direction this nation has taken over the past 8 years, are at another crossroads.

We now know that yet one more time, Donald Trump has said something in his past, so bad and vulgar, that it becomes even more difficult to picture him as President of The United States.

We each have to come to our own conclusions, and make our own decisions on what to do. I have never said or written, that we must accept Donald Trump, or that anyone must vote for him.

I am not sure exactly what Trump said in 2005, but I am quite sure it was awful. Even as an 18-year-old teenager, I have never said vulgar things about females. That being said, as a guy hanging out with other guys, I have heard what I am quite sure is at least as bad as what Trump said. I have even said some things that I would not want repeated, be they mild in comparison to what Trump may have said. Those vulgar statements by my friends, were of course not made by someone who asks us now, to vote for him as President of the United States, but I can tell you that at least some of them were decent people when they said them, and turned out to be even better.

It now appears (only two major news networks carried this information), that the reason for the illegal cover up by Obama and Clinton, of the killings at Benghazi, was those Americans at the embassy were killed with weapons that were illegally funneled through channels to rebels, with knowledge and approval of both Obama and Clinton. In other words, via those two, our own citizens were killed by their illegal transfer of weapons. Then of course there are the emails, the Clinton Foundation and “pay to play”, and on and on and on and on.

So the hard question for each of is, and we can only answer for ourselves, is it what we “say” or what we “do” that matters most!

Quite a time in America!

Search the truth!!!

When I write articles that are  centered on politics or social issues, I generally move them to a bunch of all such posts, which are all grouped on August 16, 2015.  Grouping by date is the only way I can be keep subjects together. I normally move those political/social posts later the same day on which they were originally published.  I will keep this one up at this location for one or two days.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                        Wayne

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