Playing The Trump Card

Below you will find my opinions. They are born of my observations and experiences. Some of you will be angered by what I have to say. You of course are always free, to accept or deny them as you choose.

I am writing today about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Sheeeesh, I am taking this blog to its lowest point ever.

Over recent days, I have listened to Donald Trump being interviewed by several different parties. It is true, that all but one interviewer was liberal ( a normal percentage), but it matters not if you do not know how to control an interview, and Trump does not. He is too in love with his own voice. He contradicts himself in successive sentences. He has zero ability to slow down and judge his words before he turns them loose. He has not only flip flopped on several issues since his presumed victory, he does so multiple times during almost every interview.

The more I listen to Trump, the more I realize that he is in fact, a little low on the IQ scale. Yes you can make big money, and still be dumb. You just keep building with credit, and adding on and adding on. You let the smart people, design the buildings and manage the bookkeeping, and when everything goes under (and at times it has) due to your massive ego, you simply file for bankruptcy, leave your vendors with 20 cents on a dollar, get rid of the workers you haven’t paid, and let your ego go to work again. Gee, what a great model for America! Is he an advisor to the current administration?

For those of you who want him because of the wall with Mexico he wants to build, something I do not necessarily disagree with, and because of his comments on Muslims entering this country, and finally because he will fund his own campaign and owe nothing to anybody, have you ever asked how he will get the wall built? How he will constitutionally keep out all Muslims? Within hours of his knowing the fact that the nomination was his, he already let it be known that he has started a committee to solicit donations for his campaign. He wants to raise from 1 to 2 billions dollars in donations. They will come mainly from the rich, and from corporations. He lied to you. He makes things up every time he talks. He will owe paybacks to everybody and their brother. Much like Hillary, his first four years would be spent making good his debts. He will, be just like any candidate. Who’d of thunk!

For people like me, who have been telling people like (some of) you, that he is not a conservative, he admitted that fact on NBC Sunday afternoon. He is an 80% liberal, 10% moderate, 10% conservative. When he says, it’s called the Republican Party, not the Conservative Party, we know what he means. He has already gone back on his stance on taxes.  Will he soon return to his original stance on gun control, which seeks  federal government control. Any principled, thinking believer of gun ownership rights knows that means the end of personal gun ownership.

Above all, the problem is, (if you believe in him), he won’t be elected. You have given us a dishonest, compulsive liar ( Hillary), who is to the political left of Joseph Stalin to be our next president.

I am hoping that Paul Ryan, resigns as the chair head for the convention. Leave the convention to the moderates and liberals, such as Trump and Chris Christie. Ryan has enough to do, without having to pretend that this egomaniacal narcissist, is in any way represents the stated purpose of the Republican Party..

Conservative, liberal, the truth is that Donald Trump only believes in himself, Hillary Clinton is a true believer of leftist/socialist/communist living. Well at least Hillary believes in things……right? Yes, she knows for sure the only way someone like her can come to power is on the back of the gullible. Convincing them that they have no chance,  really means trust us ( me Hillary), to take care of you. It takes a village, remember? Really, we only have your best at heart, they say.  The very same thing that was spoken by Stalin, Hitler ( yes he was a socialist ), Mao and on and on. The big lie continues thanks to the Hillary Clinton’s of the world. She is more dangerous than Barrack Obama. She is a blending of the rich (without producing anything of value), entitled, society, that allows those with power to keep the necessary “little people” needing them for a promised success  which ( by intent) will never come. If the so-called downtrodden that she pretends to represent would achieve the success she says she wants for them, she would be no longer necessary. She will create a new reason for them to be upset, whenever she needs it to retain power.

Her use of a private email server for sensitive and potentially deadly information, was arrogance above all. In other words, it’s what she wants to do, so it’s got to be okay then. She knows better than you or me, right? If arrogance is not the reason, than she either lacks common sense ( read on for more) and critical judgment, or is a criminal that belongs in prison, not in the White House.  It’s one of the three.

While I have no doubt that her and Bill ( remember him) have not been a true husband and wife for many years, no two people ever deserved each other more. They are both compulsive…..make that pathological, liars. They cannot tell the truth.

I would truly love it if  we suspended the election this year, except that would mean the current President (king?) would remain in office. I personally would rather try a year or two with no President rather than what we are facing.


The news media, including the Sunday morning commentators, with a few exceptions ( Fox News), are a part of the liberal left. Even American liberals do not contest that fact anymore. There is nothing that those “news reporters” love more than conflicting discourse and rift in the conservative movement, especially if they are Republicans. That news media is currently in their own version of heaven. Those disagreements among conservatives, including Republicans, are not new, and it is one of many reasons why I left the political left….so to speak. Yes I prefer the disagreements.

Conservatives, therefore many Republicans, believe in independent thought, and personal freedom more than anything else. In the style of our founding fathers. Eventually, you have to find some common ground, but individual provocative and creative thinking, brings about more ideas, and more true Democracy than the methods used by their opponents.

In the late 1980s and early 90s the Democrat Party ( they may still) put out a handbook for their people. In an of itself, not a bad idea, however in that book, they pictured ( figuratively and sometimes literally) all Democrats marching hand in hand, almost goose stepping like good little comrades, all of a single thought. Millions of people, one thought. The thought that they ( the party) demanded.

Conservatives, and therefore many Republicans, praise, and relish individual thinking. By its very nature, there will be, and needs to be, conflicting ideas and vigorous debate. Honest debate, by those that bring valuable ideas to the party.

Donald Trump not withstanding, the 17 candidates that campaigned for the Republican nomination this season, shared a wide number of opinions ( independent thought), and were not afraid to place those opinions into debate. The two candidates ( the others were folly) on the Democrat ( extreme liberalism) side that have competed, disagree on campaign financing only, and if Bernie Sanders could draw from a large number of corporations and fat cats as does Hillary, I doubt they would be debating that. Good little soldiers, goose stepping like true comrades.

The world needs teamwork to progress, but that teamwork needs to develop out of true independent, free thinkers. That is how this country was formed, and that is how we became a rich, powerful nation, and that is how we defeated evils such as slavery, Nazism and Communism. .


Well ladies, I am happy to tell you that when you are in the changing room at the beach, or using the public restroom in a department store, I can now join you. In fact, if I’m feeling a little “girlie” today, I can join your seven year old daughter or granddaughter. After all, “ I got a right” to be a girl today if I so choose. You however, who know who you are ( you must have peeked), and know who your child is, have no rights. Just ask this President’s Justice Department. All of those creepy old men who like exposing themselves in front of little girls, and all of your serial rapists, child pornographers……well they got rights too you know.

Some Prophesy for you. All you know to be good, will be called bad, and that which is bad, will be called good. That is a paraphrase, but it is one of the wisest statements  ever written.  They support the bad and shun the good.  In an effort to promote rights for the bazaar, they trample the rights of the average everyday citizen.

After Hillary is given the keys to the White House, just imagine what we will be capable of as a nation. There are no limits to the ooze we can sink to.

It‘s amazing just how quickly decay sets in, when common sense is lost. Just simple, common sense.

For the sake of the argument below, I will not delve into the hypothesis that states  when the world changes and what was once considered common sense is now uncommon, then what was considered senseless, must be the new common sense. I once wrote an article on this blog that addressed that very subject, and I agree that is true, however this post is being written to the 30% or so of society, who understands what common sense used to be. I suspect from that 30%, comes 99% of my audience.

How does a society, dare I say a world, lose its common sense?  It is not a lack of intelligence. I am sure many of you like me, love to say “oh those dummies“. I have learned over time that common sense has nothing to do with native intelligence. There are both smart people and those who may not be so smart, who have, and have not, common sense.

It is always those who lack in common sense, who make the loudest noise. When the other side (steeped in common sense), which admittedly today is a minority, says that’s silly, they who had shouted the loudest, always accuse those (steeepd in common sense) of being some sort of phobic, or wanting to take somebody’s rights away from them. First of all, our rights as defined by the original intent of the framers of the Constitution, were written by those with common sense. Secondly, the philosophy of the American left is backwards. That of course is something we would expect from those void of critical thinking and basic common sense. If I may dare to be politically incorrect for a moment, we are letting the inmates, run the asylum. With the help of some leaders.

There are those who lead and support the inmates, who in fact have common sense. They know that their followers are void of common sense. They take advantage of that fact, to manipulate those who are void of it, and use them to garner power and wealth for themselves. They are bad people, and often downright evil people. They are often the people that our network or local news ( void of common sense) turn to for their “expertise” in putting riots and other such events in perspective. Of course, those evil leaders, with only their own personal power being what they care about, put the onus on the shoulders of those people (us, now a minority) who have common sense and critical thinking, for the fact that the riots are taking place. Those common sense people (a minority) who continue to attempt to drive the world and its economy, with that common sense, are what stands in the way of those who seek power, and use those without common sense to achieve that end. It sounds complicated, but it really is not.

The evil few manipulate the many (who are void of common sense) to act against those with common sense, so they ( the evil few) can derive power and wealth. The many (void of common sense) need to be kept in a constant state of unrest against those with common sense, for the evil few to maintain power.  That is why we have a President who does not criticize violent protestors or cop killers , but turns his back on those who would stop it. He needs those protestors to keep him in power. Otherwise he would just be the failed lawyer that he is.

Like all non-photography posts, this one will be moved not long after publication, to somewhere around the August 15-17 area of this blog, where most of these sort of articles live.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                     Wayne


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