Mainstream Propaganda

It is now an accepted fact, not even denied by the press themselves or their liberal brethren, that the “so-called” mainstream media, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, USA Today, most daily city newspapers, and most local TV news programs, are merely propagandists and active arms of the Democrat Party. In addition to ignoring much news that does not flatter their party and their philosophy, they are actually becoming leaders in the art of “false news” as they actually report false news as reality, just like those seedy liberal and conservative websites do.

Now you say, what about Fox Cable News? Fox Cable News comes from the conservative slant and I have never denied that, although unlike their counterparts, they still do report negative news concerning conservatives and Republicans. Of the thousands of newspapers, there is the Wall Street Journal with a rightist slant, although once again, they rarely cover up negative news about conservatives. So with the odds stacked at about 10,000 to 2, people like me are finding new ways to find the news. I only watch TV newscasts long enough for breaking news, weather or sports or headlines. Using the internet carefully, anyone can find out the actual truth about what is happening in the world. There are more Americans every day, doing the same.

I am more likely to go to a so-called mainstream network website and dig through back pages or lesser stories to find some truth rather than listen to their broadcasts. The Associated Press ( read carefully )and other news sharing organizations will sometimes publish “unfiltered news” on their websites. Then I look at those other websites that feature either conservative or liberal news. I compare them and then look at say CBS (or any one of the others) and Fox and compare that to the websites. Eventually, you can still find the truth but of course most people do not have the time to scour the world for some honest news.

It is easy for everybody, from the left and the right, to receive with open arms, whatever you see or hear that confirms what we already believe. We want to be told what we already think. We are all like that, it is human nature. While it is human nature, it is also our worst flaw.

The facts are that from now on, truth is going to be subjective and needs to be cleaned and scrutinized, at least if we truly do care about that truth.

Joseph Stalin, would have been proud of the propagandizing from our so-called mainstream media. It is up to us, to discern the truth and to care enough to believe it only when it proves to be true.


Just a thought about tomorrow’s presidential inauguration. Really it is about the Democrats who are not intending the ceremonies and all of those protests that are being predicted.

Those who voted for Donald Trump are told on a daily basis, that he is a racist, therefore indicating not so subtly, that all of they are also racist.

We have a black incumbent president leaving office. He has served two terms. At President Obama’s two inauguration ceremonies, any members of The House of Representatives, or the Senate that were not present, and I mean from both parties, were incidental and carried no threat of protest. The Republicans sucked it up, acted with class, and attended. There were minor protests at each inauguration. At Obama’s first event, left-winged protestors marched against the current president, George W. Bush as he departed his office. During the second inauguration, left-wing (again) marchers protested Obama’s use of drones to kill potential terrorists, in the months before his re-election. They realized he was attempting to pursue the votes of moderates.  Zero right-wing protests for this black president.

We know who the real bigots are.


I want to close with my views on a flap that we have all been hearing about.

U.S. Representative John Lewis and Donald Trump have been exchanging barbs publicly. Lewis was a former colleague of Martin Luther King. He was a part of the 1960s attempt to bring equality and civil rights to people of all races. That was a long time ago, he is now, an elected representative. He chose to criticize Donald Trump and others as is his right. Donald Trump has a right to reply. He (Lewis), chose to make this political. By the way, despite what he (Lewis) has told us to the contrary, he also boycotted George W. Bush’s inauguration for the same reason.

Every single person that marched in the 1960s was not pure and perfect, just as is true with any group. People also change, and certainly politics change people.

Jesse Jackson also walked with Dr. King. He was then as he is today, a race baiting, political whore. He has cared about nothing more than being famous and powerful, and enriching himself. Doing so by stealing money from his Rainbow Coalition, and sleeping with secretaries and such, while married.

Nobody, including John Lewis, gets an automatic pass for life, because of something they did 50 years ago.

The great memories of Dr. King and many others, remain of the utmost importance, as they are filled with courage and beauty. That doesn’t mean every member of that movement is a god like creature, or cannot be criticized for what they say and do today.



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