I have been writing about what I do and do not believe, for a long time now. Amongst those writings, there have always been a smattering of articles about politics and social issues. While my tone is always passionate, and my words strong, I have for years and years danced around words like Democrat, Republican, conservative and liberal. I wanted to get my point across, but do so without offending anyone. It is true that labels can be counterproductive and even prejudicial. It’s all in how you use them. I began to change my rules when I first confessed on these pages, that I was a liberal for many years. In some respects, a fairly extreme one. I wanted you to know what I meant when I said that. As far as I can tell, everyone, be they liberal, moderate or conservative, whether they are a Democrat, Republican or Green Party, knew from the term liberal, what I meant.

That’s why I use labels.


I have written about my metamorphosis to political conservatism, in great detail. It was not an earth shattering epiphany, but a slow, methodical realization of what my values were. On what my definition of freedom was. I began to recognize the total failure of what is (most often) our 100% Democrat (mayors, councilpersons, District Attorneys and Police Chiefs) large cities. Inner city blacks and Latinos were not being helped, they were being held captive as a voting block and power base that “needed“ liberal Democrats to survive. The heroes celebrated by big city liberals were either government types (Barack Obama?),  failures, or criminals like Al Sharpton. While black scientists, medical doctors, corporate CEOs, police Chiefs and Sheriffs, and more, were and are still ignored.

I actually made my decision in this calendar year, to always call a rock a rock and a diamond a diamond. When I spell it out in clear terms, everyone knows what I mean.

So the labels will continue, but never without thought.


Anytime a nation provides the sort of freedom and equality, where with hard work and taking a few risks, you might become what you see in your dreams, it will follow, that many if not most, will fail. Success without failure is impossible. In fact, almost all successful people have failed many times. If there can be no failure, than there can be no success.

I have known people who were always angry and jealous of those who had what they did not have. It was always due to cheating and corruption that some gained more success than those people did…..or so they said. It never seemed to occur to them, that just maybe those others were successful because they “did more”, and took more risks. Maybe they worked harder. My experience is that those who complain the most about those who succeed, usually do the least to succeed themselves.

The freedom to succeed is always accompanied by the freedom to fail.

I say this as somebody who has no wealth, and has only reached modest portions of success in his life.

There have been many countries throughout time that promised economic equality, usually promising it with minimal work. What was delivered in every case, was equal poverty. Except of course, those very people who promised you wealth. They somehow managed to do quite well for themselves.

The social welfare system created in the 1960s, much of which is still in use today, was never designed to lift people out of the ghetto. It was designed to keep them there.

“You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of it. The government cannot give to anybody, anything that it does not first take from somebody else. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”~unkown


There are times when I admire the “sunny side up” people of the world, and even aspire to emulate them. Those who see only the good. The sun is shining no matter how much rain there is. With that said, there are times when that attitude only enables those that do evil in the world. If there were four murders in the city of Milwaukee yesterday, and I say it’s not a big deal because there are 400,000 people in Milwaukee who didn’t murder anybody yesterday, I am giving a free pass to those who did, and helping to create an atmosphere where others will follow suit. Those 400,000 didn’t do something special, they did what we should expect from every citizen. It is the four murderers we need to deal with.

Not wanting to have our day ruined with bad news is normal, but unhealthy. If you are living in a third world country in which the Plague is spreading, pretending there is no killer virus will only help that virus to spread, and help it to kill.

Far too many of us over the past 50 years have helped a different sort of virus to spread in America.


Thankfully there are in fact people working to evict evil in this world everyday. Some do it for their own selfish reasons but most do it because they want a better world. Figure out for yourself who is really doing evil and really doing good. Figure out what kind of society promotes freedom and success, and what kind stifles it. Don’t listen to the “users” on either side of the aisle, the truth is there for us to see.

As much as I might complain and lament that the America of today has become a harbor for everything that’s wrong, in some ways it still amazes me.

We are indoctrinated with liberalism and political correctness from preschool, through graduate school in college. Television preaches liberalism in every sitcom, cop show, and especially on every morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, nighttime and late night talk show.  Our press, be it in newspapers, magazines or TV, whether were talking local or national, doesn’t even argue the fact any more that they are liberals in every sense of the word.  I never hear anybody from the political left even attempt to suggest that the press is not liberal in this 21st century.

Our legal profession is so dominated by the liberal left that even our prosecutors and Attorney Generals are from the soft on crime left.

Even the majority of our Christian churches  are so far left that most to not teach the “true Bible” anymore for fear somebody will be offended. Jesus taught the hard truth.

In some respects, today’s America mirrors the old Soviet Union in its indoctrination life style.

With all of that said, when election day comes,  just shy of 50%  of all voters, in local, regional and national elections, choose what they believe, either by the candidate’s party, or by their campaign, to be the more politically conservative person. After all of that!

You can stifle freedom and implant a socialist belief system in a nation, but deep down inside, a yearning for that freedom lives in the soul of all mankind. You simply can’t kill it as much as many will try.


I am told, that after all I’ve written over the past few years about politics, I recently spelled the name of the President of The United States wrong. An indictment of our school system? There were no Baracks when I went to school, but I was taught to proof read. Barack not Barrack!


A short while ago I wrote an article entitled The lesser of Two Evils. In that article, for the first time I said  I would vote for Donald Trump instead of abstain from casting a vote in the presidential race, because I felt that a no-vote, was a vote for Hillary Clinton. I would not vote for Ms. Clinton with a gun at my head, so I will choose the lesser of two evils and cast my ballet for Trump. All of that remains the same.

Regardless of who I cast a ballet for, I will always try to remain true to my beliefs. I have criticized those who I support many times and that will surely not change with Donald Trump. There is enough hypocrissy in the world without adding to it.

Trump has proposed, if he becomes president, a program for woman having a baby, to receive six weeks pay from the government, out of our Unemployment Insurance Program. He says we will pay for that by eliminating fraud from that same program. They will not eliminate fraud from the program. We have an almost 19 trillion dollar deficit. What Trump has suggested is a typical Democrat program meant to pander to the public. It is an “I got some free stuff for you if you vote for me” program. It is what true conservatives oppose. Creating a new welfare program with no money to pay for it.

Once again, I have not changed my mind about voting for Trump. That is because the reasons I would never vote for Mrs. Bill Clinton, are far deeper. It has to do with the very survival of this nation.

Sometime the lesser of two evils is all about who’s the most evil. That is one point, where I cast my ballet for Hillary. She would win that contest against anybody.


Now I’d like to take one moment to reflect on the past (almost) eight years.

Such a waste.

Our current president had an amazing opportunity when he took office. He is our first black president. Just imagine the message he could of sent to black youths, and young people of all races and ethnicities, that they had no limits. He could have said, look what you can do if you want it bad enough. You can be anything in America, even the President of The United States. Apply yourself, fix your grammar, learn to communicate and above all, don’t give up.

Instead, Mr. Obama chose to send the message of, life isn’t fair to you. You don’t have what they have because their not letting you get it. He could have been the greatest role model since Lincoln, but instead he chose to keep black people where they are by his own brand of racism. He chose criminals over cops, furthering the thinking that they’re all out to get you, you really don’t have a chance. I’ve never once heard him suggest that crime is too high in our inner cities, and that only you who live there, can reverse it. Perception can be reality, the perception (reality) Mr. Obama has produced, creates failure for many.

In many ways, this president is a talented man. Too bad he chose the typical liberal way of doing business. People of all races could have profited from an inspirational leader instead of a doom and gloom demigod.


I John 4:5, 6 & 8

5 They are of the world (false teachers): therefore speak they of the world (the world is the source of false doctrine), and the world hears them (they hear them because the false teachers tell them what they want to hear).

6 We are of God (those that accept Jesus and the Message of the Cross), he who knows God hears us, he who is not of God hears us not (we can choose to listen to God or the world, not both). Hereby know the Spirit of the Truth and the spirit of error. (The Spirit of the Truth is The Holy Spirit, The Holy Ghost or The Spirit of God, They are all the same. The Holy Spirit is what guides us to Christ and what he did for us on the Cross. The spirit of error is fostered by Satan and is of the world, rather than of God.)

8 He who loves knows God, for God is Love (His very Nature is Love. He is speaking of true love, not the superficial sort that is of the world)

God Bless and have a great day,                                                                                                        Wayne


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