Is It Over Yet?

The time is finally growing near when the election of 2016 will finally be over. Or will it? If this election is even remotely close in either direction, prepare for this to go on for days, maybe weeks, or even months. I always vote early and suggest that you all do the same.

This is a fight that will state whether or not we want to live in a nation that resembles a futuristic movie of government indoctrination, without civil rights, and ever-increasing rules and regulations. There have been over 10,000 new regulations put on business and individual citizens during eight years of Obama. It is about either having a citizen run Democratic (Democratic not Democrat) republic, where the government works for the people, or a Monarch style government, where the people toil at the wishes the “blessed ones” who govern?

There are only two choices for President. One of two people will be President of The United States of America when the dust settles. Don’t tell me that you are a political conservative and you can’t vote for Donald Trump. That you are somehow above that. Don’t tell me, because I was there and I decided to put my nation first. You can do the same. An empty line next to Donald Trump’s name, is a vote for Hillary Clinton. If you have the moral standards, to feel troubled about voting for Trump, then you have the moral standards to make sure this evil, corrupt, and dangerous person named Clinton does not inhabit the White House. Put your ego to bed. If necessary, don’t tell anybody that you voted for him. You can still feel superior, but do the right thing at the same time.

One scandal after another, after another, after another, lets us know that Hillary Clinton and much of the Democrat establishment, are beyond contempt, and beyond criminal. The things that movies are made of.

I would like to thank FBI Director James Comey, for finally bucking up and doing his job. Many agents in the FBI were incensed with Comey’s failure to suggest charges over the use of Clinton’s private email server for classified material. That wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Comey did what he did this time because this is far worse than the previous scandal. The Clinton’s have been selling out America, sometimes to our enemies, to enrich themselves. Everything they touch turns to sewer water and sludge. They are about themselves, and their power and wealth. They lie, cheat, steal and probably worse.

Look for months of Congressional trials if Hillary is elected, even if Obama pardons her. The truth will come out, but it will be slow. The Justice Department person who is in charge of the investigation is Peter Kadik. He has been involved with Clinton Chief of staff, John Podesta and is considered Podesta’a best friend.  Podesta claims Kadik is the only reason he is not in prison now. Too bad! He will do whatever he has to, to get Clinton exonerated.

How do those of you who think Hillary is some sort of bastion of women’s rights justify that with the fact that she has filled her pockets with money, from countries who stone and sometimes kill women because their husband says she was unfaithful. In many cases that husband has several other wives. In many countries (Saudi Arabia) they must hide their hair and sometimes their faces. In some countries they cannot obtain a driver’s license. In several of those “Hillary” countries, if a woman is raped, it is considered her fault. Hillary could set woman’s rights back 1000 years.

Eventually people like the Clinton’s receive their punishment, maybe in this world, maybe later.

One last thought. The Clinton camp is going to unload something big on Trump at some point over the next few days. I don’t know what it will be, whether it will be a partial truth, or a complete lie, but hold your ground.

Keep The Faith,





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