The American Joke (media).

Just a few words on the presidential debate. Donald Trump is who he is. Most of you know I am not a fan. On the other side of the coin Hillary Clinton is pure evil. There is not limit, I’ll repeat there is no limit to which she and her minions will go to win. Death and destruction are not even a stretch of the imagination, to get things to go her way. That is why I will gladly vote for someone I do not like….Donald Trump.

Now the debate. I was not surprised that Donald was not a great debater, and that Hillary with her experience, would be better, although she is still barely adequate. With that said, Donald Trump spent much of the debate debating two foes, Hillary and Lester Holt. I am ashamed to be a part of a country who’s news media is this slanted. Holt brought up Donald’s tax forms (no problem with me), he brought up the “birther” issue (not problem again) and never asked Hillary about Benghazi (lives were lost) the email scandal (would be prison for any other American). Never questioned the litany of lies, over 200 she has been caught in during this most recent political season. He accepted anything Mrs. Bill Clinton said with no question, but followed up on almost everything Trump said.

Do you really care whether Donald Trump, as a civilian, was in favor of or against the Iraq War in the early 2,000s? Some of us were, and some of us were not. It might however just matter, if incompetence, self-interest, and ambition by the Secretary of State, caused the death of Americans, followed by a now obvious cover-up, and that former Secretary of State, now wants to lead the United States. Just maybe…….that could matter.

Lester Holt is a phony and a fraud. He didn’t moderate a debate, he performed an inquest. Hillary Clinton’s campaign should have paid him.

Want to get rid of conservative alternative media? Rid this country of the entire existing so-called mainstream media, and start all over again with professionals with conscience. This media is merely a wing of the most liberal section of the Democrat party. The conservative alt media actually questions and tests conservatives and Republicans far more than the “lame-stream” media does liberals and Democrats.

Thank you Sheriff David Clarke for the terms Mrs. Bill Clinton and the lame-stream media.

By the way, the act of stop, question and search by police in New York is not unconstitutional. A local circuit court judge passed a negative ruling on it. He is not from the state or federal Supreme Court. It would be fairly easy to appeal and reenact. The current mayor chooses not to do so. I just thought I would clear up one of the many inaccuracies perpetrated by the tag-team duo of Lester and Hillary. I hear next time, they’re “rastling” Hulk Hogan and The Rock, although they may a bit too phony for pro wrestling.


Back next time with photography.



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