Below are my opinions, accompanied by facts. This post will eventually be moved to August 16, 2015 shortly after publication, where it can live with other political posts. Soon, my ISP issues will be resolved and I will return to photography articles.

The article below was written before the Sunday night presidential debate.

I write a lot about liberalism on these pages, and most if it is critical. With no shame, I blame common everyday liberal Democrats, for what is wrong with the world. For many years, I have watched good people with a bent towards deciding issues with their heart instead of their brain, become increasingly farther to the left, until words like communism and crazy come to mind. They have systematically allowed themselves to be taken somewhere, well beyond what they would have admitted to, just a few years ago. Because they have allowed themselves to be co-opted, and because they represent a sizable portion of our population, the rest of us have had our lives changed. My entertainment has even been largely taken from me. I know it seems like I am whining, but really it is more that I am sharing a look at the world around us.

Because of unadulterated, unfettered and nauseating liberalism, I have stopped watching all TV talk shows. Early morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening, late evening, you name it. All network and local station morning (also afternoon) so-called entertainment TV shows sicken me. Mind you, I can live with a bunch of liberals gabbing if they take into consideration that about 50% of the population doesn’t agree with them, but over the past 8 (especially 4) years, they no longer care. No skit comedy shows at all. No Saturday Night Live. Their comedy skits come from only one point of view…..and it is not mine. On PBS I will watch art shows, cooking shows, antique shows, craft/woodworking shows, and a very few travel shows. Everything else including documentaries are so predictable in their tone, attitude and content, that the time taken to switch to the show and back again is not worth it.

Back a while, I quit listening to an early morning comedy/variety radio show on a classic rock station after 30 years of faithful support. Music was secondary on this show. It was never a liberal or conservative show in its philosophy or content. They made fun of everybody equally and I am absolutely Ok with that. I always felt that their newsperson (also one of the two stars) might be conservative, not because her newscasts were conservative, but because they were fair and balanced. For years I kept waiting for the liberal slant but it just kept coming right down the middle. They fired her and within the first hour of the show, I could feel and hear the change. I emailed them and said thanks for the 30 years but no thanks to the future. I had emailed them before about other subjects and heard back (from the fired star/newscaster) but this time no reply. I guess they don’t want conservatives even listening to them. I have given up on all am sports talk radio. I said sports radio. You know, the bastion of jocks. Sports radio today is so liberal, largely due to fear of the politically correct “thought police” from the left, they have just thrown in the towel and surrendered. I gave up National Public Radio while I was still a liberal. It was so liberal even back then, that I was embarrassed that they were willing to take taxpayer money from everyone of all political views. Liberals may not want to hear from people like me, but they always want our money, even (or especially) if it is taken at force via taxes.

I didn’t stop watching or listening to these programs as a protest, because nobody knows whether I watch/listen to them or not. I stopped because I watch/listen to the programming that I do, to be entertained or educated. Neither takes place when I don’t enjoy the program.

Mainstream everyday people are at fault for this stealing of a country, of its thought, and often of its decency. Half are at fault for not separating themselves from liberal Democrats before they, and our country were stolen. The other half (like me) for sitting by and watching the country sink into the muck and mire.

Nobody (I hope) appreciates or condones inappropriate talk or language. Remember though that talk, is just that….talk. What people do is always more important than what they say.

Do you remember the 1990s? I do! Do you remember when liberals dealt with everything from the demeaning of woman through attitude, to having sex with a 17-year-old (statutory rape), to physically molesting women, to the forced rape of at least one woman, by saying that we all make mistakes. That we’re all a “little dirty” if you look. They were excusing the acts of then President Bill Clinton. They also looked the other way when an ambitious future politician named Hillary, tried to malign and destroy those victims.

I’m just saying, when liberals act above it all, just acknowledge the hypocrisy, and just how far down in the sewer they go when it’s there guy on the line.


On Twitter and other places I am connected with a lot of black conservatives, and a lot of female conservatives. I will search soon for Hispanic conservatives. I know many of you have noticed that I quote or share sayings from a lot of minority conservatives. Why do I do this? Am I just looking to be politically correct?

I do this because conservatives cannot win elections when every time out, the only category of voter they win a majority with are white males. They need Hispanics, Asians, Jews, African-Americans and above all woman to vote for them. There are Americans of all the categories I mention above on the edge of giving up on liberalism and the Democrats. It helps to know there are others that you have so much in common with, that have made that switch. It is also true, that am finding black and female conservatives who are making some of the most profound points of anybody. I also search out celebrities, Hollywood elites and athletes with the courage to be conservative. That list is growing every day. Actor James Woods, one of my favorites from the 80s and 90s, is an outspoken conservative.

Hack  has a three pronged plan for America: an unfettered illegal alien invasion, gun confiscation and higher taxes
Let there be no doubt, the media narrative isn’t to report but to architect the election for Hillary Clinton.

There are a lot of white males that agree with political/social conservatism, but it warms my heart to find blacks, women in general and others in the “not supposed to be a conservative”, embracing the things that I believe in. Some, such as outspoken conservative blacks, undergo humiliation, threats, and a general ostracizing from their own. They are some of the bravest among us.

No matter how bad it gets, it’s never worth giving in or giving up.

Have a great one,                                                                                                                            Wayne


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