Breaking Eggs

The thoughts you are about to read, are my opinions based on my experiences and observations.

When I write non-photography pieces for this blog, I realize I make some people angry, and it causes some to dislike me. That is never my goal. I always expect people who I consider to be bad people, to have those reactions. I also expect good people who disagree with me to feel some of those same emotions. Recently it has come to my attention that some of you who often agree with me and may even like me, have been angered at some of my writings. That is certainly not my desire but upon much reflection, maybe I am actually accomplishing what I should be.

As the saying goes, you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

All of us have so many preconceived truths of what’s right and wrong, and who’s good and who’s bad, that anybody who comes along to shake that up, is perceived as a villain themself. Those so-called truths, are written by self-proclaimed leaders of movements, in America and throughout the world. We go through life accepting these declarations as truth, when often they are as far from the truth as those who proclaim them.

Bad People Do Good Things

I know, your saying to yourself that I must have meant to state that good people do bad things. I mean, we’re all human and even the best of us screws up. That is true, but I did mean to say, Bad People Do Good Things.

The famous gangster Al Capone was quite a guy. He rose through the “gangster ranks” by killing. He was a favorite hit man of another gangster during prohibition. When he became the top man, after killing dozens of people, he turned to “farming out” the work to others. That included street side killings in Chicago in which innocent bystanders were killed. He once threw a house party and then in front of his guests, pulled out a baseball bat and beat two of his own employees to death. He thought they might have sold him out. He raped his own prostitutes. While he was in prison but still running the organization, prohibition ended. He okayed his gang moving full force into the heroin business. He came up with the idea of giving away the first fix for free at college campuses and in poor neighborhoods and selling the second fix cheap. He reasoned, that the users would become hooked and then they would raise the prices steadily for the next year.

Al Capone was a loved man in Chicago. He gave money to youth groups, paid doctor bills for poor people and much more. He had his cake and ate it too. He destroyed thousands of lives in Chicago and they still loved him. Poetic justice defeated Capone many years later when he died in prison in  the pain and misery of syphilis, which he caught years earlier from one of his own prostitutes. Was Al Capone a good guy because he did good things, or was he a bad guy that did good things?

Billy the Kid was loved by Mexican Americans in New Mexico because he hung out with them, gave them money when they needed it, and learned Spanish. He was 21 when he was shot to death by a Sheriff. He had killed, and in some cases murdered, 21 men by that time.

Jesse James was worshiped by the Missourians around his home town. He was considered a hero of the south in the post Civil War era. Jesse was a selfish murderer and a thief. He stole money and kept it, and killed some in the process. He was a bad guy who did some good things.

Just recently in Fox Lake Illinois, a police officer was killed. He was a hero to most and certainly the most popular man in this small town. He was a community organizer. He gave his all not only to his job, but to a youth group he championed and other charitable organizations. The entire county mourned when they heard he was dead. Three young thugs were the culprits. That was ascertained by a distress call from the hero himself. Eventually we found out that he was stealing from the youth group, and everywhere else he could. He had his cake and ate it too. It turns out that even his murder was a con. Trying to save his reputation, which all bad people who do good things value, and maybe even attempting to save his family embarrassment, he orchestrated his own murder while committing suicide.

Our inner cities of America are filled with good people attempting to help out by trying to do the right thing. Those same cities are filled with bad people who do good things. They are in it for themselves, they do more harm than they do good, yet they are idolized by many. Government, religion, charities and more have bad people who do good things.

One thing that changed my political and social beliefs in the early 1990s was when I realized just how many bad people doing (or supposedly doing) good things there were. How politically incorrect it was to speak the truth. Someone other than us decided this person was good, and we were supposed to just shut up and accept it. I no longer stay shut up. That rankles the feathers of some, including some good people, and I am grateful for that, not ashamed.

The Missionary

This next section may only be of interest to people who belong to a church or ministry, or at least consider themselves Christians.

Missionary work by Christian churches or organizations, is not all about doing good works like schooling children, feeding people, delivering people from drugs, finding homes for the homeless and health care. There are tens of thousands of secular organizations, many of them very good, who do that. If you are a Pastor and you need this told to you, maybe you best check whether the word Christian should be connected with your church.

Christian missionary work is about feeding the souls of the hungry. It is about introducing those without the knowledge of the Bible, to the Word of God. It is about introducing those people to Jesus and what he did and why. It is about salvation and how it will happen. We are to be like Jesus. No small task for most of us. Jesus, first preached the Gospel, before he multiplied the fish and bread and fed the five thousand. He first, spread the Word of God. As a missionary, your first job is to spread the Word of God, and glorify God.

Doing good works is a part of Christian Missionary work. It is often properly referred to as Christian Charity. It is the fruit of your salvation. If you only want to help people, that is good, but you needn’t pretend to be a Christian missionary. It is the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ that separates Christians from others doing charitable work.

I am afraid that much of what passes as the church today, is merely secular organizations or clubs draped in religious looking buildings and filled with religious feeling ceremonies.

Being Consistent

In the past I have commented on the uproar about police shootings of black males in America. I have often taken the side of the authorities. Yesterday a police car dash-cam video was released of an officer shooting of a black male teenager in Chicago. I feel the need to comment on what I saw, and was told by the new media. I fully expect to anger people on both sides of this issue. I guess that’s why this article is called breaking eggs.

Judging once again by what I know right now, the officer in question should be charged with a crime in this shooting. The suspect was armed with a pocket knife but was approximately 20 feet from the officers, and could have been dealt with a little further by those officers without endangering their own lives. He did not lunge at the officers. I believe that when that officer squeezed the trigger the first time, he decided to just keep shooting and end the whole thing. He shot the suspect 16 times.

The Chicago DA has charged this policeman with 1st degree murder which will almost assuredly result in his acquittal. They are trying to placate an angry minority population in Chicago and despite a lynch mob mentality, it will likely result in the officer walking free in the end. With all of that being said, it is time to make sure everybody is angry with my point of view.

There was nobody in this crime, that was more capable of saving this young man’s life, than the young man himself. He made one bad, potential lethal decision after another. Once again I can only go by the information that has been provided by the police, the media, and the police car dash-cam.

That young man did not have to illegally enter  junkyard, or slash the tire of a police car. Those were the original crimes. They are certainly not capital crimes, but he would be alive today if he had not done that. He did not need to walk down the center line of a four lane Chicago street. Do you walk down the middle of large streets in major cities? It would be hard not to argue that slashing a tire on a police car and then walking down the middle of a four lane street, could be construed as someone attempting to provoke the police and promote a confrontation. Last but certainly not least, he only had to drop his weapon, and get down on the street as the police always order under those circumstances. He had many decisions to make, all of which could have led to a long life, he chose the worst of the possibilities. I have heard some say that it was not his fault because it appeared as though he was clouded by the effect of drugs. That is just one more thing he could have done to prevent this, not take those drugs. It is not the job of the police to be a drug counselor, and certainly not to let themselves be killed because “oh he can’t help coming at me with that knife, he’s on drugs“.

There is little doubt that the inner city do-gooder phonies, the political, media whores like the Jesse Jackson’s, the Al Sharptons, and what I am sure are numbered in the hundreds, all of those Chicago based self-described advocates (bad people do good things), will wind up promoting anger and violence to add-on to an already torn nation.

Now go out and break a few eggs.


Normally I would never publish a serious hardcore article like this the day before a holiday.  Sometimes we (at least me) are so moved to say what we gotta say, regardless of the timing, that it takes precedent  over celebration.

Whatever your views are on the issues of the day, I wish each of you a very warm and Happy Thanksgiving.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                             Wayne






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