Bringing Out The Big Guns & Global Cooling

The words below are my opinions.


There has been a lot said recently by the American political left, about some criticism from people like me, about this President’s constant use of mass killings, as a reason to push the politics of gun bans. Those critics (me too) also make mention of the fact that in his national talks, he manages to always forget the gun deaths (thousands more than mass murders) by criminals using illegal guns. The media always fosters the thoughts of this President and helps make his case, so recently the media has attempted to bring to light all the accidental gun deaths that occur with legally owned guns and law-abiding gun owners. They are of course tragic, and need to be dealt with on a case by case basis. But they are also miniscule in the grand scheme of things. Boating accidents far outnumber gun accidents in America. Those boats are registered just like a legal gun yet which ones you can own, or how many you have, is not made to be an issue. How many innocent people such as swimmers, water skiers or other boaters are injured or killed every year because of the use of boats? Snowmobile crashes bring almost as much death and mayhem in the northern latitudes as guns. They are registered and restricted just like guns. Where you use them recreationally is also limited. You can have your snowmobiles regardless of how many you want. Backyard barbecues, baseballs and baseball bats, playing backyard football, kitchen knives, nails and hammers. I could go on all day with items that bring injury and death accidentally to Americans. How about electricity. The one thing those non-gun items don’t do as well as guns, is afford me or you the protection from the crime in the neighborhood in which I live. Even baseball bats, hammers and knives require a dangerously close approach to a criminal.

How about lawn care equipment and other yard items. Could it possibly be that a few people get hurt every year with lawnmowers, wood chippers and chain saws? I hear no cries to limit them. I don’t even hear anything about making them safer. When my ex-wife was a child, her dog lost one leg by getting caught in a riding lawn mower. Do liberals hate dogs? Why aren’t they doing something (sarcasm)? I guess there’s no power to be realized in controlling lawn equipment.

Maybe would should get rid of all those doctor prescribed narcotics that we Americans seem to live on. In addition to intentional and illegal misuse, there are thousands of accidents every year resulting in injury, and death.

Do you think there’s a death or two each year in America, by the misuse, or just by pure honest accident, from cars?

I do not now, nor have I ever excused the reckless or foolish use of guns. We have a multitude of laws to cover such behavior, and we should use them.  I would never excuse a dad for giving his 5-year-old son a gun. I would certainly not excuse him letting the child even hold such a weapon without constant supervision. There will always be some irresponsible people in every walk of life, and there will always be tragic accidents as well. We don’t ban everything that can lead to tragedy, because it is impossible to do, and it is not moral to do so.

Do those of you who want gun control, have any idea how many of your heroes from the political ranks, and from the entertainment industry, not only own but carry guns? After they take your cousin Tom’s,  your Aunt Emma’s, and finally your gun away, those politicians, lawyers and judges will still be carrying theirs. There is nothing that the elite left wants you to do, that they will be participating in themselves.

While violent crime, including gun crime, among gangs in a handful of our inner cities is rampant and out of control, overall gun violence and other physical crime in America is down.  Reports from the FBI and private data gathering centers show as conceal and carry laws were passed in America, gun crime dropped in an equal proportion.  Gee, imagine that.  Who’d of thunk.

Yes… does matter that gun ownership is a constitutionally granted right. Those founding fathers always knew it was they (the government), who we would eventually have to fear. It has been true since the beginning of governments. They also knew, that taking the guns out of the hands of honest, moral people, would not stop the murderers and criminals from owning guns. You see, they’re criminals or they’re crazy ( I know, not politically correct) , and they do not care about your laws. Self defense is moral and sometimes necessary for protection of family, self, home and property. It is your right, especially in a nation that has promoted crime, via liberal judges who have never met a criminal that they won’t send back out on the streets. Of course those judges all own guns.

Using a small number of accidents to promote gun control, is disingenuous and foolish. I will admit however, that there have been many famous gun control advocates throughout history.  Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Tito, Castro, Kim Jong-un and Pol Pot come immediately to mind.

When the American left says it just wants a few common sense laws, they are lying. Remember, each of your taxes was once a temporary, small thing. You know….just a little tax to get us through this crisis. Oh their minions, the ones that carry their water for them, and do the grunt work, believe what they say, but  people who are not willing to be used or have their emotions tweaked by socialist minded big government types, do not. History has born witness to each of those points.


In my lifetime, I have always lived in the most powerful nation on earth. I am OK with that. We made our share of mistakes, but by and large, we have been a great leader. As we slip in stature around the world… does not make me proud. More of America is owned by communist China today than from within our borders.  We have given up the position of the world’s leading nation as far as setting the direction in helping troubled nations is concerned…… Russia. We occasionally make bold statements, and then slink away quietly whenever Russia decides what it wants to do. Russia obviously sees that we have become a nation of hand-wringing weaklings, and is spreading its influence to every corner of the globe. Any bold statements being made by America today, are being laughed at. I am old enough to remember John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, true leaders who loved this nation.

We have given up our sovereignty to allow anyone to enter our borders practically unfettered, including those who have sworn to our demise.  We cannot pledge allegiance to our own flag in our schools. We send a child home from the playground because he told another child what gifts he got for Christmas. It is not the gifts that got him a ticket home, it was the word Christmas. On the playground, during their free-time.  Another child made the horrific mistake of saying bless you to a friend who sneezed in the class.  Not God Bless You mind you, just bless you. He was sent home. In our God-free, religion free schools, there are some schools who are now teaching Islam as a part of other courses. You cannot say the word Christian, in those same schools.

Recently a western college was forced to write a letter of apology to a student (s). They were holding a charitable fund-raiser by having an all you can eat Mexican food fiesta. The title was Gigantic Mexican Fiesta or some such thing. It was so named because they were serving Mexican food and it was all you can eat. Somebody suggested it was racist and they had to apologize. We have a subculture in America that spends most of their unproductive lives, looking for something to be offended by.

As an amusing (ha, ha) aside, while our college campuses have always been a great entertainment venue for stand up comedy acts, today, even our least controversial comedians, like Jerry Seinfeld refuse to perform at colleges because of political correctness.  They are given a book the size of War & Peace filled with things they cannot say. Most comedians say they are afraid to talk at all.

I remember when the professors and administrators of colleges were of a variety of philosophies. Liberal, conservative, moderate and so on. They promoted openness and thought.  Forty years of pure unadulterated liberalism has given us the universities of the 21st Century.  Close-minded, backwards and detrimental to a free and progressive society. The defense of free speech, that liberalism once championed, today only means the freedom to reiterate the speech that those same liberals pick and choose for us.

I am forever grateful that I changed my political/social affiliations over 20 years ago.

I do not excuse people who say hateful things towards groups of others.  In the past, in this nation of free speech, I could simply exercise my right, and criticize those I thought hateful. Free speech, is a two-way street.  In today’s America, you first have to check whether those we criticize are in the protected group of liberalism, or among those we have been given permission from the speech-police to criticize. It is they (liberal government, spokespeople for selected groups, and the Hollywood elite), who pick and choose for us who we may talk about with negativity, and who are untouchable.  Hate speech itself has been modified to include even mildly critical statements about those who are selected for us, as the special ones.

It’s probably a good thing that this blog is small and only read by a limited number of people, lest I be carried away by the speech-police.


Having and sharing ownership of the thoughts and observations I have written above, still does not mean that any of us, should disrespect the office of leaders. I said the office, not the person. If I were at a ceremony at the White House today, one that was attended by the President, I would be thoughtful and polite. I would be respectful and give this President the honor he has coming for holding the top office in the country where I reside, and the country which I love. I am remembering several of those occasions where the opposition to George W. Bush acted rudely and even threw something at him. I find it very easy to be more evolved than those who I am opposed to……please make sure you do the same.


Long time readers of this blog might remember a while ago when I wrote my opinions on climate change. I wrote about what I believe (my opinion) to be actually changing on this earth, and what I thought may or may not be causing it. I offered amazement at how most so-called environmentalists stuck with the term Global Warming. It seems they felt that the term climate change was just too vague. They couldn’t terrify enough gullible people with that term. They then had to ask themselves, how can we explain the fact that the climate stopped warming in 1998, and in fact since then has shown some overall cooling? Anyone who studies world history knows there has been climate change since the beginning of time. It didn’t begin with America or with large corporations. Global Warming however, can falsely be placed on the shoulders of Americans and their lust for things like heat, air conditioning, automobiles and an enjoyable lifestyle. Well, some emails (liberals need to stop using this means of communication) are being discovered which show prominent environmentalists wondering how they can “keep the global warming thing going’ when the earth is not warming. It seems they are more than willing to lie. I’m shocked. (sarcasm).

Understanding climate change is something that honest scientists should be doing all the time. They should be after the truth. Global Warming is what happens when you search the sciences to prove your opinion and to attack who you don’t like, instead of using science to find truths. You then bend science to say what you want it to say. Global Warming is an anti capitalist political decision. It was that in the 1990s, and it remains that today. Dig a little and find out the other things that many of these Global Warming people are involved with. It has little to do with worrying about ¾ of a degree of temperature change (which stopped 17 years ago), and how it affects us, and everything to do with power and an oppressing government.

I’ll share with you a little something about big business and making money. At the base of the concept of a failing environment, and “the sky is falling” screams of those who allow themselves to be willing dupes, is a multi, multi, multi, multi billion dollar industry. It Is based on Global Warming.  From the scientists who would never get a job without it, to the government workers who sit around and create artificial disasters to justify their jobs, to all of those who live the life of part-time workers with full-time pay thanks to government grants, to those multilateral (usually from other nations) corporations with their million dollar babies at the head, it is monetarily enriching for tens of thousands of people. They will perpetuate, exaggerate, propagate, lie, cheat or steal to further the propaganda and keep the gravy train flowing.

Anyone worth his salt cares about the planet. The job of a scientist, should be to find and share the truth, not to further the political agenda of a bunch of left-wing sociopaths, or businesses who enrich themselves through scare tactics. Or politicians who are merely trying to keep you in a voting block so they can gain more power. The environmental movement of today does more to encourage potential harm to our planet than to prevent it. Anytime you care primarily about building political hatred or receiving ill-gotten gains, you’re never going to solve any real problems. I know that you in the rank and file do care. You are pawns and you will be sacrificed every time it serves the needs of the powers that be.

Biblically we are told to go forth and use and profit from the earth’s resources. We are also told to be good stewards of everything God has given us.  Seems to me like common sense.

No matter who you are, or what the hot topic of the day is, think for yourself. It is easy to get caught up in all the emotion. You will wind up being nothing more than a pawn in the chess game of the power mongers.


While I know the approximate number of people who read each post in this blog, I never hear from any of them except a few who have my private email address. I am happy to know that at times, I say the things that you are thinking.  It feels very good (cathartic) to do so.


I realize that I came forth with a pretty rough speech today. I do consider it to be a speech, just as if I were in an auditorium.  I still love this country, even if it isn’t mine anymore. Telling the unsightly truth, is also known as tough-love.

This post, like all non-photography posts, will be clumped with others of the same ilk, a ways down on this page.

Keep the Faith,                                                                                                                              Wayne

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