Play It Again

As most of you know, I generally don’t create images anymore. Last summer was the last time I even picked up a camera. I did however, manage to get out briefly and make a few bird pictures this past Thursday, 4/10/14.

I was fortunate to find a couple of Sandhill Cranes and of course this is the season for Red-winged Blackbirds. I have made more compelling images of both of these species in days gone by, but considering this is the first time I have touched a camera in so long, I’ll keep them. Normally I might share two of the pictures below mixed with other images but what the ****, I so seldom do this.

Sandhill CranesBong2014B 237

Bong2014B 180

Bong2014B 210

Bong2014B 092

Bong2014B 214

Bong2014A 001

Bong2014B 222

Quite the display. Male Red-winged Blackbird.Bong2014A 043Bong2014A 045

Bong2014A 044

Finally this little sparrow told me exactly what he thought of my outing.Bong2014B 044

Thank you and may God Bless,                                                                                                 Wayne

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