Visitor’s Gallery

I hope you enjoy today’s beautiful work by four visiting artists.

I show you this first shot (mine) of Cade’s Cove only to give you a view into the valley. I made this picture from a beautiful winding dirt road that rims the near-by mountain. That is a well-known and historic church you see down below.gnCopies 014

Speaking of frost. I don’t know where this image was made but it is a beauty, and was created by John Kirwin.   Compositionally it is in keeping with the style of our first picture.


Kathleen Clemons is the creator of this great flower shot. Point of focus can be everything in a macro shot and she hit that focus just right.10255811_10152372518664104_1594962304966354991_n

Ruth Hoyt made the images you see below of a White-crowned Sparrow and a female Northern Cardinal. Two really great moments.10169339_4043266617644_5836220018452890702_n


Ellie Rothnie gave us this awesome pose of a Dalmatian Pelican.10013339_727742900610240_6132926984289262092_n

Thank you and please stop back,                                                                                Wayne 

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