Fresh Air

Posting images from other photographers on the Earth Images blog has been a breath of fresh air for me. Hopefully it has inspired all of you to go out and create new pictures. I think other people’s photography can be a motivational sign post to “get going”.

Brenda Dennis. I think Brenda’s work speaks for itself. These images came from Mike Moat’s blog. Mike may be the best known macro photographer in America, so when he chooses someone for his blog…..well you can see for yourself.hibiscus



Greg Vaughn. This superb picture was created in one of America’s most powerful locations, and one of my personal favorites, Canyonlands National Park, Utah.10152671_10201834427877748_1265610219_n

Andy Biggs is best known for his work in Africa so all three of today’s images come from that continent. I am becoming a big fan of his work. It is unique to make so many images of building interiors in Sub-Saharan Africa. He finds the best places and makes great pictures.10245571_10152112667249541_519532788_n (2)

Sparring Wildebeest

Kolmanskop Plate 2

Over the past year I’ve tried to introduce you to the work of unknown newcomers in the world of photography. I have also shown many images from the new stars of outdoor photography, and the veteran stars and even super stars. Every so often I enjoy bringing you a legend.

David Muench is a landscape star who is the middle of three generations of great landscape photographers. His father Joseph helped put Arizona Highways Magazine on the map, and his son Marc carries on the tradition. David is a legend. Among active photographers only Art Wolfe and few others have reached his level of respect. No photographer since Ansell Adams is more synonymous with the American Landscape.1972426_733880109976485_323564352_n

God bless,                                                                                                                                       Wayne


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