Bent But Not Broken

I am happy to see that the number of subscribers to this blog has recently been on the rise.  To each of you, a hearty welcome. You will find a mix of photo technical how to, art/composition/light, subject info such as landscape locations or information about wildlife, and my share of opinions on photography, art and many other subjects.

The next season.  There are an infinite number of ways for a photographer to say winter.

Late fall, early winter brings with it the opportunity to photograph leaves coated with frost or covered with ice. The warm color of red is prominent in this picture making what would be a cold image, rather warm. That is an out of focus red building in the background.Ice Leaves

Winter much like fall, provides many opportunities for intimate landscapes.  This shot took a while to find and compose. I wanted a rich covering of snow but I definitely wanted a fairly simple composition. After making several images I thought adding some tonal contrast to the scene by finding some snowless tree trunks was in order. After some searching I finally came to the brilliant conclusion to walk around to the other side of these trees.  Of course you can see which way the wind blew the night before.

When you are making images after a storm, remember to watch where you walk, unless you want footprints in the scene.DSC_6668

Animals in the snow or on the ice searching for food are a part of winter’s story.  This is a Cedar Waxwing.CWwings 181b

Anywhere that ice can form, melt and re-freeze, is a potential image. I used to spend much time in the winter looking for icicles.Slides2 053

The sweet light of sunrise is a great addition to “the morning after” the storm.  I like shooting up for the cathedral effect.  Add the color of sunrise on the tree tops and you have a rather majestic image.Winter Pets 069

Kind of close!  Close can be good, with the permission from the subject of course.  Ask first. I photographed this rather scruffy Great-blue Heron in Rockport, Texas a few years back.DSC_1989bbb

Scruffy’s cousin.  A few minutes later I photographed this equally disheveled Reddish Egret just a few feet from where the heron stood.DSC_1702

That early 2006 trip to Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, was a pivotal time in my life. The people I met before, on and after this trip helped form the changes that would be coming.  It is important to drink in every moment.  You never know how significant that moment will be.

Bent but not broken.  Thank God that strength and character are not measured in physical beauty.  The first time I noticed this old Oak Tree, standing strong against the forces of wind and water, I knew it was destined to become an image.FoxnStuff 027b

I urge you to browse the over 500 articles on the Earth Image’s Blog.  Below I have included  two links to archived posts that, you may find interesting.

On 2/03/13 Perceptions was published.  It includes philosophy on how we view everything from photography to life itself.  Way back on 5/25/10 I hit the publish button on From Here to Infinity.  This post is less about philosophy and more  about photography.

Thank you and have a great day,                                                                                               Wayne

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