Keep Your Memories Special

For those of you who are like me and are addicted to landscape photography, Landscape Photography Magazine is likely for you.  Many of the worlds premier landscape photographers are featured here. The magazine delves into technique, equipment, locations and exploring the art of the best photographers in the business.  I hesitate to mention that they also publish wildlife photos.  I say hesitate to mention, because this is truly a landscape magazine and anyone viewing it for wildlife will be disappointed.

Their website displays much of what you would see in the paper magazine and landscape super star Kevin McNeal is featured along with many equipment reviews, a special on the winter landscape, photo contests, a guide to mountain photography, finding and photographing the Aurora Borealis, and more.

I’ve certainly made more powerful images in my life than the one below, but the memories are as crisp and perfect as any I have had. I got myself up and out of my tent in the darkness. It was a chilly 38 degrees or so, and I made my way to the woods to “brush my teeth”, so to speak.  There is nothing like a cold night in a northern forest, to keep you in your tent and from “brushing your teeth” until morning.  I lit a campfire and began looking through my pack for the bacon and potatoes.  As the light began to break over the nearby lake, I could see there was a slight fog hanging on into the daylight.  It’s true that there were no brilliant sunrise colors to compliment my picture,  which would make this story a really good one.  Just the same, it’s these mornings that I remember.  Mmmm, I can smell the bacon cooking.DSC_0003

A similar morning on a different northern lake. The memories are slightly less powerful, due to the fact that I slept in a motel 40 miles away instead of next to the lake, but this was still a special morning on a remote lake.NwiFall 046

The opportunist. Photographers need to be opportunists, and that is especially true of wildlife photographers. I saw an opportunity to photograph this Snowy Owl with a short lens, allowing me to make some pictures showing his perch and environment.  A sleepy and therefore cooperative subject allowed me to change lenses and move closer for more intimate views. I did not disturb the owl, and I left it just where I found it.DSC_0180DSC_0422DSC_02442007DSC_0432b

I am always humbled when a wild animal allows me into its space. They provide me with special memories that last forever.

Male American Goldfinch. Enough said.DSC_6395Once again I will finish with autumn.FallPets08 015Pets70 027Fall70 009

Keep Your Memories Special

Have you ever been to a place many times and you hold it dear in your memories?  To me, those places are like close personal friends.  Years later you are told that the old friend is just not the same anymore?  Leave it in your mind the way you last saw it. Replacing great memories with unpleasant ones is unnecessary and painful. I’m sure if that place could talk, it would echo my sentiments.

Create a special memory today,                                                                                                   Wayne

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