Self Reflection & Stuff

There’s nothing like writing a blog post, or a good portion of one, that is about oneself. Still, self-reflection, is no fun unless you share it with others.

In recent years I have changed my grocery store habits to using the self checkout lanes. I was not crazy about it at first and only did so because the stores I shop have ten self checkouts for every single full service lane. It has since, become my preferred method to do checkout. Now, if for some reason I am forced to stand in line and use a full service lane, I am disappointed. It’s not that there is anything wrong with the checkers or the other people in line. I often prefer doing things myself and my way, rather than following the crowd. When I stand in lines, I feel that I am following the crowd.

The last time I came home from the grocery store, as I put away my goods, I noticed that my yogurt and my blueberries were missing. I checked my receipt and they were on it. I scanned them in, and I paid for them, but now I do not have them. They were the last items I scanned and bagged, and I never took them off of the hooks where the plastic grocery bags reside. As I fill them I move those filled bags off the hooks, and onto the large metal table from where which I eventually place them in the shopping cart to take outside. I left the last bag in the store, on those hooks. I noticed this only when I was missing my yogurt and blueberries as I put away my groceries at home. It is now thirty minutes after I left the store, and like any self-respecting male, I am not going to call them, or drive back to the store, only to admit my incompetence. Of course, a few berries and some little yogurts do cost today about the same as a new house was ten years ago, but I’d rather take the hit then embarrassingly work out a plan to be compensated.

I only worship one entity, God. The triune God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit. I believe that in fairly significant numbers, as more people leave God for humanism and to pursue the worship of individual people, I also see the signs of more and more people who were once “luke warm”, about God, coming to God.

One thing I want to set clear, while in this political age, you can be sure that I support those people who take us where I believe we should be going, I never, ever worship people. Except of course, the one who walked this earth, as God in human form. His name is Jesus.

My politics and belief in what sort of nation and world I want to live in, has been made obvious on these pages. To accompany that, I tell you who I support and who I oppose. I belief each of you has that same right regardless of your choices. I do not worship those that I support, I merely support them. Any time someone else comes along that I feel will be better, I will support that person. I have an allegiance to God, family, country, and to our world, not to politicians and such.

I have seen two politicians in my life, who provoked worship, one named Barrack Obama, and the other Donald Trump. I opposed one and supported the other but I do not worship, ether.

With all that said, I will comment on the impending or at least possible, arrest of former President Donald Trump.

We once again create a new low when it comes to bending our laws and disgracing our constitution. Really, arrest a former president and possible contender for another term because he “reportedly” gave money to Stormy Daniels for her silence on an affair they had. Affairs, while immoral and in bad taste, are not illegal. In one form or another, everybody who has run for that office with the maybe the acceptation of George Washington, has at least asked (or paid) somebody to stay quiet until after the election for them to shoot off their mouth. It may not be admirable, but everybody’s got something.

Have you ever heard of Bill Clinton? FDR? John Kennedy? Joe Biden……..and his son?

I see that Trump is asking his supporters to protest. That should be a logical and an American way to say what you feel. With that said, have they already forgotten Jan 6th and the capitol? In addition to some supporters who are fools, and every candidate has some, our federal law enforcement along with other current government types, will be setting the stage and promoting violence of some sort during those protests, as to put the last nails into the casket (I am using metaphors) of Mr. Trump. If we never learn, we will always lose.

Whew, I feel better. Realizing and sharing one’s failures and weaknesses,can be as exhilarating as sharing our good points.

I guess the longer I live, the more willing I am to comment honestly about myself. Like everybody, good and bad lives within me. The question is, if we live with both sides concerning ourselves, will we share all of it with the rest of the world?

It ain’t easy.

A sharp lookout is necessary in a dangerous world.

Even the most beautiful places can have stormy skies.

Ephesians 2:8-9 – For by Grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

God Bless,

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