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This post was originally meant to be about horse photography. Not my own, as despite the fact that I was involved with horses for over 20 years, and owned or co-owned 9 horses, and was a photographer full or part time of some sort, for all of those years, I created almost no equine mages.

I then instead wrote an article taking each of you from the beginning, to the end of my horse ownership. One slow step at a time. It became the longest piece I have ever written. I began to shorten and therefore fix it, and wound up deleting the entire post.

I have switched the concept of this post from horse photography to horse painting. The jpegs of paintings you see below came from a simple image search on Google for you guessed it, horse paintings. In some cases the artist’s name was available, but in most it was not. I decided just to share the beautiful work with you without those few credits that I found.

Now that is some stunning work!! The art of painting living things, is always something that I admire. I especially enjoy the ability to show texture or dimension in paintings, even though they are being seen in a 2 dimensional format, that being a photograph. Of course, with silhouettes texture is not part of the process.

Just a few words about my 20+ years with horses

.Firstly, I have not no regrets. Despite the headaches, heavy expenses, fears, and problems that crop up, there is nothing like owning one of these critters. Or two, or three……and on and on.

Pets in general are great therapy for we humans. Horses can be the “upper end” of “animal to man” therapy. Like all of the Lord’s creatures, they are a part of what He wanted on this earth.

As I said, I owned horses for well over 20 years. One horse in particular, I had in fact, for 20 years. She was therapy for me so often that she should have had a degree. Just like my dogs which I loved dearly, she was also a part of my family.

Fact. Horses seem to never forget, and horses have distinct and original personalities. Each one, is unique.

A number of years ago, a former trainer of horses for television, was visiting a friend who took in and cared for old horses that had no where to go. He looked at the herd and noticed a graying, sagging, and drooping old horse along the fence line, It appeared as though he was probably black at one time, but his hair was mostly gray, missing, or flea bitten now. He looked familiar. Could it be?

He walked up to the old horse and said, I think this is Fury. Fury was a television show and this horse, or so he thought, was the star. The man, was a horse trainer on the show. He prompted the horse with a verbal command and a point to one of his legs or some such thing, and Fury immediately began doing a trick as he would have done when he was a star. Dozens of years and hard times had passed, but Fury still knew his job and felt it was important to do it. The trainer signaled the horse with one prompt after another, and Fury responded with one trick after another.

He never forgot.

The former trainer immediately went to the owner of the property and asked if he could buy him. After assuring him who he was an that he meant only good things for the horse, the owner gladly sold him. Fury had love and attention for the rest of his life.

Sometimes we all need to sit down and remember all of the great things that have happened in our lives. All of us have something to be happy about. Part of what I have had, included horses. Have a great day!

I would surely rather be loved than hated. With that said, I will always choose being hated for standing for the right thing, over being loved for standing for the wrong thing.

God Bless,


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  1. Ron Toel says:

    Rontoel here. Send me your address please. I want to send you aletter. Imiss our travels together take care. Ron 2737 buckeye drive. Cosby TN 37722

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