This & That (Again)

This & That (Again)

It has been a long time since I have written one of those “whatever comes to mind” sort of posts. So here we go.

I often enjoyed photography the most, not when I was capturing those super close-ups of wild animals, or the obvious spectacular landscape. Sometimes the insignificant subjects are the best.

Below a few icicles of various lengths, live in and out of the shadows of the roof of what I believe to be an outhouse.

A flock of Snow Geese fly across a backdrop of some New Mexico hills. Nothing less, and nothing more. Is it a scene, or a wildlife behavioral study?

Nature photography is not only about beauty. With that said, thankfully I saw the beauty of this female Wolf Spider as she struggled to walk with an egg sack full of babies attached to her. The sack was almost as big as she was.

I love birds even if they cannot read. This Red-tailed Hawk is clearly searching (hunting) for what I believe to be a vole. The bird also has deadly weapons attached to its feet.

Let us divert to a bit of politics. Distasteful as it is, some things need to be said. Very few politicians have the nerve anymore to take on the task of looking at what will happen, when we bankrupt what was once, not only the richest nation on earth, but a rather monetarily responsible one at that. Not only are our morals below that of a sewer rat, but selfishness and foolishness shines from every corner of the nation.

The fiscal destruction of America as we know it, looms right around the corner. While most Americans are either not aware, or even more likely do not care, we are in the process of reducing this nation to a third world status. Eventually, as we become bankrupt (actually we are almost there now), there looms among our elected officials too few to affect a change in a positive direction. It is easy for them to do that, in a nation who seems to care even less than they do.

How long, before we are reduced to begging at the doorsteps of other countries?

What you see below is from one of the few true conservatives in either house of congress, Rand Paul.

14 Dec 2022
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that Republicans had “emasculated” themselves by agreeing to the framework for an omnibus spending bill to fund the government through 2023.

Paul said, “This brings upon us the lie that Republicans really are fiscally conservative. The Democrats aren’t. They will not pretend to be fiscally conservative. Not one of them up here gives a darn about the debt. The Republicans all profess to be, but when you make them vote on the PAYGO resolution, pay as you go, that we can’t have new spending without offsetting it, they always vote to exempt it.

So the omnibus will be 3,000 pages. We’ll get it two hours before they want to pass it. No one will read it. But hidden in the 3,000 pages will be we’re going to wave PAYGO.”

He added, “It would take only 41 votes. Forty-one votes would stop the big spending. If 41 one of us said no and held our ground until there was a compromise, we could force Democrats to reduce spending. We have completely and totally abdicated the power of the purse. Republicans are emasculated. They have no power, and they are unwilling to gain that power back.”

I thank you for allowing me to vent via the words of Senator Paul. There is at least one in our government who thinks of the nation above himself, and who is grown-up enough to exercise self-control.

2 Timothy 1:7
For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

God Bless and see you soon,

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