For The Love of The Image

Just a few photos today along with the first things that come to mind when I see them.

To me, one of the greatest joys of my life, was roaming the great outdoors with a camera and tripod. Exploring the natural world physically, thoughtfully, and emotionally. For the pure love of the image.

Ah birds! What would nature photography be without our avian friends?

Sometimes exploring your own backyard is as good as the wilderness.

I caught this Grackle in my backyard while it was in an amazing “between the seasons” plumage. It was likely an immature bird. I loved the way the sun glistened off its feathers.

Of course when you think of birds, look up.

I caught this Swainson’s Hawk while driving through the mountains of Colorado. The bonus came when it peered down at me. Eye contact can be a powerful addition to a photo.

I clicked some images, and moved on in respect for the bird’s privacy.

Sometimes when I captured an image of a bird or other wild animal, on the move from left to right or vice versa, I would in the editing process, crop the image into a semi panoramic format. While the crop might be unnatural in that the normal dimensions of a photo are not like this, the framing is more natural. Notice that the bird is past the midway part of the image. That is intentional because the gentle wake that trails behind the subject, has become a part of my composition.

This is a male Northern Shoveler duck.

Flight shots are fun and they can become easier when your subject hovers in midair. They are essentially standing still in the air, except of course for some wing movement. The gull below cooperated nicely.

Then there are the “slow movers” of the natural world.

As you can tell, this female Snapping Turtle knew only too well that I was present.

I never met a nasty Snapping Turtle. They always were gentle as long as I respected them. A long lens (300mm) helps. There were times when I used lenses as short as 100mm, but I made my pictures and then left the scene. I also was cognizant of the fact that other people walking or driving by might stop and become obnoxious to the subject, or even intentionally hurt it, or get bit. I did my stuff and moved on.

I love her eyes.

Dragons are hard to find, but dragonflies are everywhere at the right time of year. Clean, simple backgrounds are plentiful when you find them along the trail perched fairly high. I did not use my micro lens for this but rather the same 300mm that I used for the Snapper.

Ahhhh the land. I love the Badlands of South Dakota. These particular rock forms are a bit less colorful than some you find there, but I found the markings to be striking. I also felt that those bits if grass, and especially that yellow flower, provided something in the image to “pop”. It makes the picture a bit more interesting than otherwise.

I love the mountains but I am not a fan of storms heading my way when I am above 14,000 feet.

I made this image a long, long time ago. I was in the Rockies and testing Fuji’s new (at the time) Velvia film in the medium format. Well before digital. I made it back to my rental car okay, but if memory serves, it was a scary ride back down.

Every time out is an adventure of one sort or another.

One thing about being high in the mountains, there can be snow even in the summer.

The next three images, with and without storms, combine summer and winter in a way that would not compute in the lowlands.

Some sunrises/sunsets are powerful and stormy, and some are gentle and tranquil. The Lake Michigan sunrise below seemed the latter to me. I searched for a composition that would take us on a journey through the scene, but a gentle one. Compositions can be gentle or active, and they are the tool we use to impart how we feel about a scene.

Galatians 2:20
I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

I appreciate your stopping by, and may God Bless.

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