Grand Slam

Quiz….how many times have I used that title?

Today we have four superb images from four topnotch photographers.

Barbara Eddy of Gerlach Nature Photography made this penetrating photo of a gorilla. This super close-up is that of a wild subject in Rwanda Africa.

The texture in the fur is wonderful and oh look at those eyes!

I fell in love with Olympic N.P. in the Pacific Northwest the moment I got there many years ago. This waterfall captured by Wiesiek Prokopek is evidence of why. I love the path the falling water takes. Ever so gently. Clearly a slow shutter speed along with a great composition is the key.

Great work.

Below we have a Rainforest Hognose Viper in Honduras. James Adams made the image and while if I would to have been there, I would have made some pics too, I feel safer here at home. Too many wildlife photographers ignore snakes and other reptiles.

Nicely done James.

I love nature photography, but there are other subjects that demand the time and interest of photographers.

This rusty old steam locomotive with visible steam waffling out, and flashing warning lights, as well as autumn colors, jumped out of my computer screen at me.

Susan Candleario is the photographer and I send out a hardy “great job” to her.

Steam Locomotive No 40 – View to the traveling steam train surrounded by the warm colors of fall in New England. No.40 is one of less than 200 steam locomotives in the United States which remain in operable condition. It burns about 2 tons of low sulfur coal for fuel each day and evaporates about 6000 gallons of water pulling a 400 ton train a total of 50 miles. It takes two people to operate a steam locomotive: an “engineer” to run it and a “fireman” to shovel coal into the firebox and maintain t

I will close with a few of my own very, very old pictures. They were either early digital jpgs rather than Raw files, or they were made in my film days and then copied or scanned into digital.

I have covered hundreds of different sorts of auto races in my life and made thousands of images. I do admit, I miss it. The speed and the danger, and the camaraderie with all my racing photographer buddies. Most are deceased now.

I especially liked night racing and using high speed flash units. This sort of car was called a midget. Maybe not appropriate for today’s politically correct world but they were terrors of the night. This driver has his car at full cornering speed on a dirt track. A “four wheel drift” if you will.

I also photographed a lot of buildings and such. I was never above looking at subjects in my own personal way. Such as turning a daytime shot into a silhouette and doing so in black and white. Variety is the greatest part of photography, if not life itself.

There was never a thought given to turning this sunrise silhouette of a duck into a monochrome like above, and miss sharing the powerful color you see below.

The “dents” in the water that trail this duck, is what made the image.

Okay, I love water droplets from overnight dew or rain, and I love it best, on spider webs.

Nature is God’s domain and He creates magnificent designs for early morning photographers to share with the world.

I am surely glad that I never traded mornings like you see with that duck, or with these webs, for a few more hours of sleep. My view was, I can always sleep tomorrow. I took that attitude for years that I spent in night clubs and bars, so surely I could do as much when representing nature.

May God Bless, and we’ll talk again soon,

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