Photography is science. Every time we create an image, we’ve committed an act of science. If we’re lucky, both information and maybe even art might also ensue.

From the original metal plates, to black and white negatives, to color negatives, to color positives also known as slides or transparencies, and on to digital imagery, photography is and will also be in its next incarnation, a form of science.

There almost seems to be a dichotomy when we create images of the natural world, but do so by using technical science.

In school, science was one of my favorite subjects. The only thing that bothered me, was through the years, about the time I understood and accepted one bit of science or another, I was told that what we thought was true was now known to be false. So then they changed it, and we all believed the new science instead. I wondered how long it would be before the next bit of “science”, would replace what we were sure was true science now?

I also wondered how much of science was science, and how much was by faith like a religion? Yes many science aficionados treat science more like religion than science. Some things taught have never been proven. They need a godly sort of faith just to believe it. Such as the “Big Bang Theory“ (not the TV show.) No proof, only a desire to believe that science was good, and faith in God’s creation is bad. A science that produces everything out of nothing, with no creator. You know, as if this blog you are reading was created out of nothing. No technicians, no producer, no writer, no creator. It came from a big blob of some sort. Of course the blob came from something else, and that from something else. Eventually everyone who believes that science has proved the “big bang theory” as the creator of everything, has to face the moment when we have run out of predecessors.

Everything that exists has been created in order to exist. What created (not evolved from but created) the beginning?

The field of professional science is competitive, and many in science are not afraid to “make it up”, if that will bring them success and worship from their peers. Worship does not only exist in religion, but in the field of science as well.

Whether it be the animals large or small, plants, or the land itself, science is genuinely a part of it all, and therefore so is God. He created all of it, and you and I to boot. He created science.

I often grow weary of that war between science and religion. Both can be very real, and both can be very false. In much of today’s culture, which currently “owns” science and unfortunately many religions as well, there are both truths and falsehoods. As with everything, the only way to learn, is to find the truth.

One bit of science that is very difficult to understand in respect to all its uses, but easy to grasp and quite believable in its basics, is DNA.

DNA description
Substance carrying organism’s genetic information: a nucleic acid molecule in the form of a twisted double strand double helix that is the major component of chromosomes and carries genetic information.

DNA, which is found in all living organisms except some viruses, reproduces itself and is the means by which hereditary characteristics pass from one generation to the next.

  1. makeup of something: the combination of features that make something what it is.
    Encarta ® World English Dictionary ©

The success ratio of DNA mapping for the use in finding criminals and solving crimes is very high.

We have found out, that every person on and for that matter currently under the earth, has unique and different markers. No two people are the same.

With that noted, honest scientists will also tell you, that there are not just similarities but exact matches in some parts of everyone’s DNA, with everybody else on earth.

The synopsis is, we are all different but we all came from the same ancestors in the beginning. A biological woman and a biological man.

We believe that God made each of us to be who we are. Female and male, we are His Creation. We also believe that we came from two humans, just as DNA evidence tells us. They were named Adam and Eve.

Science imitating real life?

Science does exist, but does not create something from nothing. There is a beginning to the story, and that is God.

God Bless,

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