The Joy of Photography

I don’t know if there is anything more fun, or potentially rewarding than capturing images of birds in flight. Landing, taking off, in mid air. It’s time well spent and fun as well.

I caught this Northern Harrier hawk just as began its descent to the ground. A beautiful bird seemingly floating to the earth.

Verticals work well in this type of wings up, feet down style of dropping to the ground. This image is however a crop and I changed to the vertical format in the cropping process. While tight shots are great, looser pictures that need cropping do give you more choices after you get home.

This is somewhat similar, however we know just where this Osprey is headed.

Take note that my depth of field was very limited. Action requires plenty of shutter speed and that means a low numbered f stop, therefore shallow depth of field. I hit my focus on the bird’s head and face and let the rest go somewhat soft.

Of course this next photo was shot while panning in the horizontal format. Multiple bird flight shots often sell. Both as natural history and fine art. It never hurts when the subject is in fact “natural art” as are these Sandhill Cranes,

Bird action does not need to show flight.

This Lesser Yellowlegs is preening. That’s an artistic (to us) and necessary action for this bird to be able to fly when it needs to. Art plus behavior is what most bird photographers are looking for.

Yes, this bird really does have two legs. Many wading and shorebirds such as this will hoist one leg up into its feathers, and balance on the leg that’s on the ground.

Thar’s a lot more critters out their than just birds.

This grazing Mule deer buck was photographed from my car while I was in New Mexico. I always looked for unique angles and any sort of behavior. Eating is behavior and even though I was only using a 300mm lens rather than 500m or 700mm as was often the case, I could not get the entire animal in my scene. That, can be a good thing. I carved out a close-up composition that had a nice rhythm and\or flow if you will.

This group of female Pronghorns was I believe photographed in South Dakota, or maybe Wyoming, or could be Colorado. Make sure you label your image files or keep a written record of where you are when you make a photo.

I loved this tight pose and especially the criss/cross pattern struck by the two who’s faces are showing. Many wildlife photographers run from dramatic light with shadows. I was drawn to them.

When your subject is down in the grasses as is this Snapping Turtle, either get yourself and your tripod down as low as possible, or back off so your perspective ( with a long lens) will appear like as though you are near the level of your subjects. Distance combined with long lenses will flatten out your perspective.

In the case below, I was laying on my stomach as I used as somewhat short 100mm lens for the shot;

Insects are wildlife too.

This ( Lacewing I believe) little critter was posing so nicely. A pinch more depth of field would have helped to keep every fraction of this creature in focus. At least I shot for the head so to speak. From the higher forms of wildlife, to the lesser, the head, eyes and face mean a lot.

Let us finish with a couple of landscapes.

This photo was created in west Texas at Big Bend N.P. There are locations in the west that are more spectacular, but I relish them all and this spot had some nice vibes if you will. Some wild horses or may a few cowboys on horseback and this would be winner.

September means October is coming and autumn will soon be entering the picture ( photo ) in these parts. The “quiet season” if you will.

A Maple tree trunk, and some Maple leaves, and there you are. The easiest time of year to make images that people will enjoy.

Today is September 11. Never forget the World Trade Center and the rest. Preparation for evil is the job of any government worth its salt.

Let us especially not forget those who were inside those towers, those who perished in the Pentagon, and especially those who took that plane down in an empty field in Pennsyvania. The plane was headed for the Capital.

Psalms 106:3 – Blessed are they that keep judgment, and he that doeth righteousness at all times.

God Bless,

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