Just For Laughs & Other Stuff

The first question to ask about today’s post is, if it is just for laughs, how can it be about “other stuff” as well? I point that out because I often write such titles.

To me, it seems one way of cruising through life, is making sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I find I do not trust people who cannot from time to time, make fun of themselves. I myself have been slipping as of late, when it comes to displaying those qualities. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m just as silly as always, I just need to call attention to it a little more.

Sometimes I can be funny, and about 95% of that time, I don’t realize it until is over. It was just an accident.

I never said I was bright.

Can you imagine, if every top political type, every newscaster, every corporate CIO, every athlete, right down to the factory worker or the homebody, just lightened up a bit? Just a little self-deprecating humor. Everyday life would be so much brighter.

Okay, so you pay to have one of those companies that will protect you from identity theft. They protect from having your bank account robbed. They will protect you against email phishing which is how they often get to you. So you get an email from them that tells you to be cautious because there are some unscrupulous con-artists out there who are sending out emails to their customers, pretending to be them. Make sure you do not click on those emails. Then it reads, click on this email for further information.

Do you click or follow the advice to not click which was given to you by the people who now want you to click?

This is a photography site. There is not “necessarily” anything humorous about today’s photos, although often it is all about how you look at things.

What you see below is actually a rather violent fight between two male Ring-necked Pheasants. You guessed it, there’s a lady pheasant right out of our view.

While I am sure these two boys, and I call them boys because it seems to me no man should be fighting over someone when they do not even know if she likes you, are not trying to be funny. They are however, funny to me.

Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrels are natural comedians. They do not know it of course, but that just makes them better comedians and photography subjects.

While there’s nothing inherantly funny about bringing home some Sushi for dinner, this little Grebe with that big fish, is at least worth a smile.

This is the funniest creature of all. What other silly critter would kneel in the snow, on a bitter cold day, waiting for a wild animal to come and appear before his camera? I am just guessing but, I might suggest that the animal he was waiting for, is sleeping comfortably in the warmest place it could find.

Maybe the animal took the picture of the silly photographer, he’s made a lot of pictures of them. Or so I hear.

May God Bless and let’s all smile every once in a while,

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