I would have loved to have been a painter or to be able to draw. I have not an ounce of art in my fingertips. I have all I can do to write or even print something that is legible. That has always been an issue, but today it is actually bordering on being a handicap. I am not complaining, as there is a world of people who can write a legible check, or draw a simplistic picture, but who have other issues that are far worse then what I struggle with.

I was attracted to photography because at best, it meant I could share what something looked like. In other words, be it in nature (God made), or something manmade, I could share artistic creations with others.

Secondarily, it meant that maybe, just maybe, with a little luck, I might “see” some art in the world around us, that others have missed, and them to me.

For as long as I can remember, it seemed to me, that I was always “seeing” something in a TV show or movie, or maybe a photograph, or hearing something in a song, where the mood or atmosphere was a work of art. Maybe beautiful and glorious, maybe stark and ugly. Maybe it was something that took me back to a previous time, or maybe, just maybe, the writer or director, or the photographer, saw something others missed and I saw.

So photography became my thing. No need for fingers or hands that could produce art, just an ability to see art in other things and share it with people.

Art, is a matter of opinion. That is true with all art, includingf the written word. . Shakespeare was an artist in my opinion, as were many others. Some art is celebrated, and much is ignored, or at least forgotten.

Maybe, “seeing” art and sharing it, is an art form in and of itself.

Whatever art is, be it an opinion as I believe it is, or just something unique to each of us, sharing it is the only way it can be judged or appreciated.

God made each of us different, and me thinks He knows what He is doing.

Below we have an eclectic group of images. The images are mine, the art captured there in, belongs to others. Primarily God, but in some cases, human beings.

This post, is not necessarily about creating art with your camera. It is about “seeing” the art around us, and sharing it through your camera.

There is no artist like God. A member of the wild kingdom here, a flower there, some morning dew, a sunrise to ponder. Then there is the creation of creators. People who through a painting, a book or a building, pass art from one person to the next.

The world of wild critters give image makers like me and you the opportunity to capture and share some of God’s finest work.

We ourselves are not merely animals, but in the sense of animal, vegetable mineral, we are indeed animals. Mammals to be precise.

One of my favorite moments. A wild Badger found along a lonely dirt mountain road in Colorado. The Badger is not a beautiful animal. It is built for power and function. There is however, something very artistic about strength and functionality.

Often called the king of beasts, this particular work of Godly art was I am sorry to say, captive in a zoo. I knew this male lion better than I have known most people. He was my favorite captive subject ever, and in his own way, he was a work of art.

If a bird like this Grebe is a natural work of art, then an artful pose and surroundings to accompany it is only fair.

I only needed to focus and snap, to share this artful bird with the world. Canvasback Duck

Naturally artful birds such as this Egret, can become even better when they strike an artful pose. I only needed to compose and click.

Wildlife such as this Rough-legged Hawk, can become art by sharing with us their natural poses. In this case, there is a dead or dying male Ring-necked Pheasant under the snow and under its talons.

Natural History, no matter how gruesome it sometimes is, is a form of art that needs to be shared.

All God’s creatures have their own sense of artistic beauty. Sometimes we as photographers need to search a little, or maybe have faith in the fact that someone, somewhere will accept that art for what it is.

Flowers are surely ready made art for photographers. This Shooting Star was screaming at me to take its photograph. Not literally screaming, but it surely talked by way of its natural beauty and art.

Sometimes we can take ownership of natural art by looking at it in our own, personal way. I chose the bottom up approach in order to display this flower.

Where there are orb webs and dew, there is art. It is for the photographer to locate it, recognize it, and pass the art along to others.

Every day that the sun rises or sets, there is art for photographers to share.

Whether it is layers of red clouds above a forest, some dead trees revealing their artistic limbs as silhouettes, a series of curves with a sunrise by a great lake (pun in tented), or alpenglow on some breathtaking and artistic mountains, the sunrise or sunset, is God given natural art. A little knowledge on composition and exposure, and we are the carriers of the great news of that art. We pass it along for others to enjoy.

Man creates art not only by the paintings he paints, or by the songs he writes and shares, or by the poetry he gives us, but also by the architecture he creates.

Below is the San Xavier Mission outside of Tucson, Arizona. It was designed and built several hundred years ago, and those who did so were artists. It was my job, merely to recognize the value of the architecture and the story it told, and capture that on film. Obviously the film image has since been copied into the digital format.

God created the artists, and they created the art, which in this case, is a building.

What’s art to one, may not be the same to another. Still, we need to take chances and as long as it is not vulgar, hateful or illegal, use our cameras to share what we find. Ehat we see. Art lives everywhere.

Share a little art today!

God Bless,

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