A Few Pics and……………

Below we have a few of my images, followed by my valuable opinions and
observations. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

While storm photography has a narrow market, there is a market, especially in
the fine art area.

Spectacular images of lightening flashes lighting up the landscape are very

With that said, there is nothing more moody and provocative than a dark,
ominous storm heading towards the camera. Even better if it is occurring in the
desert, or the mountains. The storm below, occurred many years ago in the
Colorado, Rockies. There actually were a few scary moments but as you must
have guessed, I made it out okay.

I had opportunities when I made these images, to up my exposure, and of course
I could add some exposure now in order to display more detail. I believe I took
my readings with my hand held incident light meter rather than reading
reflective light as most photographers would. I opted for just enough light to
expose the subject which was the stormy sky, some small hills, and a lake. I In
back of the lake, sits an enormous snow covered mountain. Often that means a
larger more brutal portion of the storm, is about to appear over that mountain. It
did not.

Every wildlife photographer has some favorite birds, Two of mine, are surely the
Roadrunner, and the Short-eared Owl. I have had two photo opportunities with
Roadrunners, and maybe six or seven with the owls. I have never gotten many
images or for that matter great ones with either type, but my memories are crisp
and vivid.

The Roadrunner below was expressive and comical in its actions. It was likely
hunting for lizards and it would stop abruptly, and just wait. It was not successful
but I was. I would have liked more and better images but I
took what I could get, thanked the bird, and moved on.

The images were made in New Mexico

This Short-eared Owl had a few compatriots which were farther back in the
prairie. The way these birds move and the poses they strike, makes them
competitors with the Roadrunner for visual comic and/or dramatic relief.

These were made in Wisconsin


We are all different and I thank God for that. Some people take life in stride and
balance their lives. I doubt anyone will say I have lived a well-balanced life.

My life has always had two opposing aspects to it.

It was either work, work, work, often 80 hour work weeks, or non stop traveling
for photo ops or other things. Sometimes non stop partying, boozing and
carousing. Often during those long work weeks, I still photographed car races,
and spent hours in the darkroom making prints, and then in those days, hand
delivered many of them to the newspaper that gave me the press credentials to
do that.

I am not now or have I ever been bursting with energy. There have just been a
lot of things I wanted to do.

The dichotomy is, the rest of my time was usually spent sitting or lying down, while seeping or watching TV

Now, on to what I think.

The difference between the big time Republican “ruling class over the little
people” type believers, and Democrats of the same ilk, is small but it does exist.

They all believe that most of the people in the world are incapable of living their
own lives successfully, without an elite few to maintain governance (power and
money) over them. They themselves (the fat cats) are usually more screwed up
than most of those they want dominion over.

Democrat/liberals want to make very sure you know that you and I, and
almost the entire world are in the “worker class”. Incapable of taking care of
ourselves in almost anyway on our own. They will do anything to keep you down
and themselves up.

Republican so-called moderates at best are similar, although they do believe
that most people can maintain basic rudimentary functions on their own. In other
words, the “common folk” can maintain their own lives without daily
micromanaging from them. That is, until they decide you cannot.

Ultimately, both sides are shameful and self gratifying.

What do I believe? I believe in basic individual freedoms unless you murder,
rape, beat, rob or otherwise take away the rights of others. Following those
actions, if a legal and fair court of law finds you guilty without prejudice, then you
should be locked away from society as to protect us from them.

Beginning with the premise that most people are worthless unless you are one of
the ruling classes, left or right, allows the powers that be to justify keeping you
and I down, while they float with little effort or brains, at the top.

I believe I and you have a right to criticize what others do, and what they do and
do not believe. That includes being critical of the “one world fat cats” who want
to hold us in a state of basic (Republican moderates) servitude, and/or those
(Democrat/socialist/liberals) who want complete power over every moment of our

I see now that the newest “suggestions” possibility to become orders, are
Monkey Pox vaccines, followed closely by Polio vaccines. At this point, they
suggest that people like me and possibly you, who under government order got
Polio vaccines decades ago, will be allowed to skip a second dose for

A quote from another sorce.

“Drugs aren’t the answer to every problem. People are more than just a
collection of chemicals. They are human beings. They have souls. If they’re sad
or sick, Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson may not be the solution.”
Tucker Carlson

As is per usual, I shared with you my opinions even though you did not ask. It’s
okay because I afford you the right to do the same on your blog. It is called
freedom of speech.

May God Bless,

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