Wild Things

I always enjoyed dancing, at least after a few beers. I was an amateur when I compare myself with the Sharp-tailed Grouse. As near as I can tell, they dance without consuming alcohol. Early spring is the normal time, and prairies like this one in northwestern Wisconsin are their preferred habitat.
This fellow below put on a great show for his girlfriend, and for me. I as usual, thanked my wild subject.

There’s nothing like a cute little, wild Cottontail bunny to give a photographer a joyful morning. When they are young they are very cooperative with photographers. This was made from my car.

There was nothing more pleasing to me than finding a cooperative duck in some quiet and reflective waters. This male Blue-winged Teal posed like he thought he was special. Like all of my subjects, he was.

When all you find are “common” wildlife subjects, make photos. That’s what we do and every image can’t be of a unique, sought after subject.
This Canada Goose gave me some superb opportunities as it preened and preened. Click, click, click, went the shutter.

I appreciate each of you and I still have a lot more to say, so when the photography does not please me, I will deal with more important subjects.

God Bless, Wayne

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