Politics, Religion & Our World

I’d like to take a moment to state what I believe when it comes to making money in a “free” society.

I believe in democracy, free enterprise, and paying fair taxes. A flat tax is the fairest system, but I realize that many on both sides of politics do not agree.

I believe in addition to using taxes for military, police, prisons, and other government designed programs for the common protection and good, sometimes people cannot fend for themselves and we need a society with a heart that will help. One who helps when it is necessary, and leaves people alone otherwise.

No heart, no freedom, no country.

I have been right of center politically for many, many years. My hippie days are long gone. I decided to back a government who takes care of business and gets out of the way of people with creative (legal and ethical, people that is) ideas and lets them create. That is how most great ideas come in to existence. From individual people.

We are now in the middle of a strange mix “of not so free” enterprise, and Marxism. The rich, are now a small group of those who believe that wealth is only for the like minded, socially engineered, government cradle to death (except for them) nerds. They  dictate that they, remain free and filthy rich, while the rest of us bow and genuflect to them.  All while they decide every aspect of our lives for us, including how and where we will live, and which select groups of us will be allowed this little crumb or that little crumb. Who’s correct, and who’s not.

They have taken the worst and greediest portions of a free enterprise style democracy, and combined them with a totalitarian, communistic style governance, so they can tell us what to do and when and where to do it, while they live as they choose and break all of the rules they set for the rest of society.

Unbelievably, there are masses of everyday citizens, who wait diligently for their marching orders. No thought, just “yes master”.

We have witnessed many examples of this during the Covid-19 pandemic. One set of rules for you and me, and another for them.

Do you remember Barrack Osama’s “mask-less” birthday party?  Thousands of mask-less people elbow to elbow and hugging, posing for “holy pictures” as they parade smugly past the cameras for all the peons like you and me to see. We were told wear a mask or else. They were not hiding the fact that they believe they are the masters and we are the slaves. They actually wanted us to see what went on that day. A message to the enslaved humanoids. They were saying, we do what we do, and you do what we tell you to do.

The scariest part of this, is that unfortunately, they are supported by millions of those who wait with baited breath to hear what they should believe in today.  Please masters, what are our orders for today!!

The corrupt leading the blind.


Just a few words about a phenomenon going on in primary education in our country. Existing school boards and other totalitarian regimes are being challenged in every area of the country. In blue state Virginia, their “big government” leftist governor and many others from his party have been thrown out by the voters. The schools and current day education, or lack thereof, were the main reason for the upheaval.  It took huge numbers of voters who normally vote on the other side to bring this about. The state turned from blue to red in one day with the help of many Democrat voters.

Parents in America have had it.  Big government  totalitarian creators and supporters, and have no doubts, what you see going on with Covid-10 has little to do with safety and a disease, and everything to do with big government controlling our lives, may have found that groups of angry parents, especially mothers, have had enough. They are speaking out and they will not be silenced.

The city of Chicago has had parents of all colors and of thousands of children turn to private schools and home schooling this year as they remove their children from public schools.

Once again, for what seems like the 30th year in row, test scores show that children are being passed along, ignorant on almost all subjects except of course, Johnny changing into Jenny or vice versa, or how evil our nation’s roots are.  If they could only teach to read, write, add and subtract, along with a “real” exploration of our nation’s past. The good and the bad.

I’d like to offer my opinion on religious exemptions from Covid-19 vaccines. 

Our forefathers were as usual thinking ahead, when they expounded on the freedom of religion.

Firstly, are some liberals and vaccine addicts correct when they accuse people of using the constitution and freedom of religion just to get out of taking the vaccine?  Yes!! Some on my side will be angry at my answer but of course, all sorts of people are using this to avoid the vaccine. Of both political parties and philosophical persuasions.  It has been the only avenue of escape, so it is human nature to use it.

The question should not even be about religious exemptions. It is firstly about whether a “big brother”, corrupt, mostly left of center government, has any right at all to force people to let others  stick a needle in their arm for a vaccine or anything else. Those vaccines work fairly, and only fairly well. The number of people who have fell ill with side affects or have died “by the needle” is comparatively small as to the entire number of users. It does however most definitely happen. To deny is to lie.  Everybody has a right, a Godly right if you will, to say yes or no as for their choice concerning the vaccine, or any other government mandated needles. Both literal and metaphorical.

As to mandates that come from religions. There are very few. Any entire religion or individual person, who morally is repulsed at the killing of unborn children, has not only a right but an obligation to say no to mandates for those particular vaccines where they have used parts of children killed in the womb.

If  they do not bother you, then get the vaccine. It is legal.

I am seeing some cracks in the armor with a few celebrities who are left of center. Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers who currently has Covid-19 and was without a vaccine, has commented twice now about your right and mine to refuse the vaccine, and also he has commented negatively about the so-called “woke” culture and “cancel” culture. Firstly, good for him, but if left of center celebrities can make such statements then so can you and I.

I am no way suggesting that Rodgers is moving to the right. He has always been a liberal who refused to follow “big brother” Instructions. At the very least, it suggests that he chooses to use his own brain to come to conclusions, rather than follow big brother without thought.

Free speech, stands alongside freedom of religion as an American trademark. Notice those that would take those things away from us, demand them in one form or another, for themselves.

Most of you know by now that I am a practicing Christian. I almost said that I am a religious person, but by the standards of what passes in many places for religion, I have no problem saying I am actually not very religious. I bring this up because I and others like me, have an advantage over many people. Some of  whom are good people. Firstly, I know what will eventually happen to me when my time here is over. That is a blessing. It is not arrogance, I wish that for every human on earth. I personally, wait with anxious anticipation. I also know what will eventually happen to this world. I watch it come true one step at a time, each and every day. Knowing, relieves me from frightening anxiety. There is however, much pain that will be felt. I and many others will thankfully miss most of that.

Do understand, I do not spend my time listening to doomsday profits screaming the world’s coming to an end, the world’s coming to an end. Firstly, the world is not coming to end. Secondly, I am careful to whom I listen. My guide is God. I use humans to educate me only as long as they are Biblical, and from a Bible that is pretty much a mirror to the first true Bible.  At least as I find them to be honest and accurate.

I do not give you an exact time frame for events for a good reason. I do not know them. No person does. I do believe however that I am getting very close to a good understanding of learning how to separate absolute Bible passages, and those where symbolism is used, as they relate to end time prophecies.  Symbolism is used to “paint a picture” in our minds, and to accompany the absolutes .

Yes, some of the absolutes are supernatural. God is supernatural. If that is not understood and agreed with, then true Christianity or any belief in a deity is impossible. I spent about one year of my life in my teens with a belief that no god exists. Then I opened my eyes and my mind and realized how silly were the things that I needed to believe to hold the opinions of a godless universe. They were far more ridiculous than a belief in a god.

Now, I see God everywhere. Every day.

Thanks for letting me vent,

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  1. Darlene says:

    God Bless you Wayne, outstanding post!

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