Praying for Patience

The Truth

Let’s take a look at the phoniness of the way that vaccine mandates are being handled. This next story is true, and is taking place in Wisconsin.

Keep in mind my position, I am not against vaccines, only forced vaccines. I am not even saying that a business has no right to require an employee to be vaccinated, only that most who are doing so are phonies who only push the matter as to be “politically” correct, with no actual serious concerns of health issues that might occur do to the unvaccinated.

A woman is a registered nurse in a hospital which like most hospitals today, is a part of a national chain. They are requiring vaccine mandates for all employees, or be fired. The deadline is almost here. She refused the vaccine and her career with the hospital will soon be over ……..well sort of.

She has found a job with a temporary job agency which does not require vaccines. It is a job as a nurse that even pays triple her former wage. All’s well that ends well right? Yes but oh so much hypocrisy.

You see, her job placement from that agency will be to work at the very same hospital of which she is being fired.  Her hospital, which fires their employees for not having a vaccination, has no such rule for employees coming into that very same hospital from an agency.

Their stance on vaccinations is merely an attempt to appease the “vaccine Nazis” with no concerns for health issues.


The Power of Prayer

I have written about my walk with the Lord often on these pages.  The one thing I have harped on over and over is the gift of prayer. It is in fact a Gift from God. It can and will change your life. I know what has happened to me..

Yes, I do pray for myself to “get me through this, and get me through that“. A lot. When I  “righteously” ask for something, it happens. Maybe not just when and how I ask, but it comes to pass. No doubt, in a manner that is best for me and those around me.

I do not pray for sinful things to happen. If we pray that the woman or guy we have a crush on will sleep with us, I think I can say it will not happen. It we pray for our boss to break a leg, or die in an accident, I can say safely that it is inappropriate and we will not be rewarded.

No matter how much I pray for myself, I pray even more for people I care about, and sometimes for people I do not care about or even like. I pray for my country and the world around me.

I ask forgiveness more than I ask for anything else. You do not go from the being the world’s most prolific sinner to acting like a saint in a day, so I find I need forgiveness more than any other thing.

I know that often I will pray for things that are not good for me, or good for someone else. When those prayers are not answered, God will eventually show me why. Sometimes in a miraculous fashion, sometimes in a simple, less obvious way, all in accordance with what God wants me to see or learn.

You can often actually see your prayers come true before your eyes.

God is truly my Friend because of Jesus and what His coming meant. They are, the same God.

I try but occasionally fail to remember, He is also the God of the entire universe. Reverence is sometimes missing in my prayers, so I make sure to include it next time. Usually after asking His patience and forgiveness.

Group prayer in a good Bible and Salvation teaching church, can be wonderful. The Bible tells us that God loves group prayer. Sometimes “religion”, and some of the prayers they pray, are about the church rather than God, or our  Salvation, and so on. You never need a church building, a group, or a special  person in order to pray. Build a personal one on one relationship with God, with the aide of prayer.

Patience & Faith

Throughout my life, I have had many struggles with having patience, and faith.

As a child I could muster up enough patience to put together a model car or some such thing, but had a terrible time in waiting for the date to come for something I wanted to do, or needed to get done. I still struggle with that.

I had faith in my parents that when I got in trouble as I had a knack for doing, I would be scorned for a while, but they would do what was best in the end.

Photography, especially nature photography, began to take me down the road to patience. When I began to teach, I realized that I enjoyed being patient and understanding with students. They benefited, but I did too.

I have been a “ye of little faith” type person or much of my life. It seemed easier to expect the worse. For one year during my teens, I swore off God and labeled myself an atheist.  Thanks to God, that did not last. The day I accepted the Son of God as my savior, faith became a central part of my existence, although I still slip for a moment here and there. That is solved through prayer.


I thank each of you for stopping by and allowing me to bend your ear, so to speak.  Below you will find a few critter pictures of mine, all taken a long time ago.

Cedar waxwing

Red-tailed hawk

 This is a photo taken at sunrise of what I believe is a Song Sparrow

This is a lioness in a public zoo. Zoos are good for super close-ups.


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