When The Mind Wanders

Today’s title could be used on most of my  posts. My fertile (or just disturbed)  mind is usually to be found wandering somewhere out there in space, and that is where most of my posts come from.

Let us begin today’s post with a beautiful image created by Paul Zizka. Paul is a Facebook friend and this image was made at Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta, Canada. I spent an exciting and fulfilling week in the Canadian Rockies along with my sister, riding horses and camping with a group in the mountains outside of Banff. With the exception of tent sleeping the first night whilst the temperature was likely in the 20s, and the second to last day’s ride happening during first a rain, and then snow storm, and then the fact that I slept the last night in a tent that was filled with water, it was great. Actually those sorts of hardships only serve to make a trip in the wilderness more in keeping with an adventure, and it gives you stories to tell for the rest of your life. I am proof of that.

This image from Paul has a haunting yet beautiful quality to it. That one dash of color from the autumn tree in an otherwise almost monochromatic setting creates a beautiful contrast.

Great job!!

Memories are important, and unfortunately the older you get, the more you depend on them to fill in the boring parts of your current existence, That is why I attempted to live as fully as possible during my life. While there are many things I would have loved to have done and didn’t, I did at least as much, and often more than most people I have known.

Live one day at a time but realize that there are only so many opportunities to live a full life. I speak of course of this earthly, mortal life.

I captured this image of the beautiful Turquoise Lake in the Colorado Rockies, and did so a long time ago. Photographically speaking, this is an average photo, but the location is anything but average.

Beauty is I suppose, in the eye of the beholder, but I cannot imagine anybody not relishing either of these locations. Especially a photographer.

Life is a “one day at a time” journey.  On occasions I have been derelict in the sense that instead of slowing down and appreciating every moment, I wasted precious time wishing tomorrow would be here. Like many, I was terrible about that when I was a kid. When I found myself doing the same thing in my early forties, I began a journey to make sure I observed and absorbed everything, including daily life.  That was followed by a very important part of my earthly life, and that was to discover why, when, where, how, and more.

I love human history, and whatever architecture still remains from past lives.

The Native American Quarai Ruins in New Mexico was one of my favorite subjects for looking at and photographing our past.

When I would begin making images of a place like this I would start by attempting to tell the story of its builders/inhabitants, but alas, as was usual for me eventually it would become shape, color, texture and mood.

The color and texture here was superb, and the ability to use that deep blue early spring sky, and juxtapose it with the textured and colorful stone to create color and surface contrasts, was simply superb. I was in a sort of “photographer’s heaven” if you will.

While concentration is important in outdoor photography, it is still beneficial to allow you mind to wander not only to notice new subjects, but to allow your imagination to “see” there are many ways to visualize and photograph any given subject.

I have shared this delightful (if I could be so bold as to say) image of three kit foxes practicing using their noses to find stuff, before on at least two occasions. I have shown it un-cropped where the kits were in the middle of the picture frame and somewhat smaller, and I have shown it with the kits this size but in the bottom of the frame. This is by far my most impact full composition. They occupy most of the image left to right, and we are at eye level or a little below them instead of looking down at them. I made this image many years ago but we keep on experimenting and learning.

I admit that I often used photography as an escape from both the drudgeries and the conflicts of day to day life. Well, that and some extra money

My photographic subjects were like everybody’s, either Created directly by God, or by something or someone that God had Created. 

Theretofore, it is God who receives my thanks for my life in photography. A photographer with no subjects, is well…….not much of a photographer.

Be Blessed,

Ephesians 2:8-9

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.

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