The Ego & The id

From the dictionary:

Id [id]

The theoretical part of human psyche: in Freudian psychoanalytic theory, the part of the psyche that is unconscious and the source of primitive instinctive impulses and drives. The other parts of the psyche are the ego and the superego. 

Our ego (or superego) and our id, are humanistic terms for human instincts both pro and con, as seen by “psycho superstars” such as Sigmund Freud and others.  In my opinion, it is often those self anointed “mind experts” that could stand some psycho-analysis, or maybe something Godly, but that’s just me.

I write these thoughts because I have long been cognizant of the fact, that we most often see ourselves one way, and the world sees us in another. I’ve written on these pages before that it has been in the past suggested that I am a self aggrandizing egomaniac, but by others that I am a self-loathing hater of who I am.  I suspect that every one of us has been thought of or even been labeled as one or the other at some point.

I do not know about you, but I am neither. What I am is honest, sometimes brutally when it comes to looking at myself.

One of the best moments of my life was when I learned, likely with the help of God, to stand outside myself, and look and appraise what I see, as if I had no relationship to myself.

I make no use of an ego or an Id when I view others, so why not “see myself”, honestly. I am human and sometimes the view is painful and hurts, and other times it is pleasant and nice to see. Those facts neither douse me with self-hate, nor put me above others.

It can lead one to pursue the good points, and/or evade the bad ones. At least sometimes.

I take no credit for this skill, but give credit to where it is due, to God Almighty.  I still of course need much help, and I know where to seek that help.

Sometimes the ego challenges the id.
Most of my images are acceptable in the mainstream. Occasionally images like this studio shot from long ago, cause some people to wonder about me.


Variety is the spice of life is a well-worn but important cliché. I wouldn’t want every car on the road to look the same (they almost do), every pizza to be made exactly like every other one, every movie to be like the rest, or every era in history, be they five thousand years apart, or five years, to be mind numbingly the same. 

Photography has changed, sometimes for the worse, but mostly for the best. There is always variety within it.

At this point in my life, I do many of the same things every day. I am grateful that I have not worked a“day job” for years, but when I did, I usually managed to do something that brought with it a variety from day to day.  Except my time in a factory. I had one of the very best jobs in that factory and thank God it was not working on the same machine over and over every day, or putting the same parts on something in an assembly line day after day, but even testing outboard motors in a tank, with its challenges to start new motors and find anything that might be wrong with it, became boring and eventually it was seemingly without much  purpose.


Writing a blog is cathartic. I would suggest it for others.

Happy Trails,

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