Three of The Best

I must say, that back when I first joined Facebook (and other social media), and one by one became “friended” with some of the world’s finest outdoor photographers, it was a joyous place. Not so much these days to the point that I often only visit once a week.

In remembrance of those better days, today I share with you three of the world’s best known photographers. I am pleased that they have not un-friended me for my politics as so many others have.

First we have Jim Zuckerman. When I began to make stock photography my primary form of image making, or at least my main source of making money from photography, I bought a book from Jim Zuckerman. Might just as well learn from the best.

The image below was made in Patagonia and powerful it is. That always seemed like such an exotic place.

John Gerlach is one of those names that has stood the test of time. John has also been prolific in books and like Jim is not just a photographic artist, but a teacher as well.

The beautiful photo I have chosen is that of Coyote Buttes, Utah/Arizona.

Sharon Landis has been a social media friend of mine for a long while. Everything she does with a camera is superb. The action shot below, while heart stopping, is informative, sad, and one of a kind as well.

We have here a Peregrine Falcon who has just captured some form of waterfowl for dinner. I know it is waterfowl because I can see its webbed feet and of course it being lifted out of the water. These falcons dive at 180 mph and are very difficult to capture in pictures while they are still in the “heat of the moment” so to speak. Yes I have tried and failed.

Great work Sharon!!

It is an honor to share the work of this trio.

Happy Trails,

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