Coming Soon To a Location  Near You + A Thousand Words

Spring is a great season for outdoor photographers. It means new birds, flowers, insects, reptiles/amphibians, and more.  If you have an ambition such as I did, to capture all of it from start to finish, then buy a pair of hiking shoes and plan on long days. 

Admittedly, most but not all butterflies arrive in summer, so we’ll just pretend this includes a precursor to that season.

I always thought that a part of my job of being an outdoor photographer, was documenting the seasons as they came and went. Of course, where you live or make your pictures will dictate your subjects, and when they appear.

Every season spent exploring Creation, has its own magical experience just waiting for us. 

Spring is the season that makes everything new again.

I was a photographer for a long time.  The sheer number of changes I have seen are too numerous to adequately describe here. From 35mm, 645cm, 6x7cm, and on to larger formats.  From b&w and color negative film and working in my darkroom, and then on to thousands of transparencies, in every format in existence. Mailing in slides and prints to publishers. The years spent building a portfolio of published work  worldwide. Books, magazines, calendars, postcards, brochures and on.

The digital age brought with it some wonders and improvements, but it also diminished what once was. Now everyone was a photographer because it was easier and less expensive.  We could examine our images on the scene and then shoot again to correct mistakes. It was nice but it made experienced image makers no better than point and shooters who would shoot first, and then alter and re-shoot, or fix the image at home. Of course, dare I say, the experienced shooters took advantage of that too.

The (almost) death of magazines is upon us, and quality hard cover books are much fewer in number, and that has changed photography as a profession in a way never imagined possible. Today, most everything is a fleeting image on a computer or phone. One that you cannot touch and feel the quality of in your hands.

Still, when something’s lost, something’s gained. Now that everyone is a photographer, we have more images to share. There are more points of view and personal visions to be seen and to be felt. It is indeed less expensive to pursue photography now so the act of visually interpreting the world around us is open to most people not just a select few.

This I know, the capturing of a likeness of the world around us, will continue to be a primary function of the human animal. We are driven to do that, in one form or another.

As many of you know, I love words. You also know,  “a picture is worth a thousand of those words“. Many thanks to Frederick R. Barnard for his wisdom when he first coined that phrase. He often stated that the phrase was actually born as a Japanese proverb.

Photography allowed people like me, who lack any discernable talent to paint, the capability to capture and share at first what I saw in the world around me, and then on my best of days, what I felt about what I saw in the world around me.

Whatever the case may be, get out and celebrate spring, and then summer, fall and winter, with your cameras. 

The seasons are made for photographers.

May God Bless,

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