Fact or Fiction

We live in a time when we can no longer count on the news media to keep us educated on what is happening in our communities, and especially in our country, and in fact, in the world. They have gone so far to one side, that they themselves are actually beginning to admit that they no longer strive for fair reporting.  They are only interested in their “agenda”.

If you want to search for the truth, do not look to see what the “news” media is reporting, search to find out what they are not reporting. That’s where you will find the real news.

All politics is local. You are right, I did not write that phrase. Whomever did, was correct.

In the state where I reside we just had an election. If you live here and did not know that, you need to stay apprised of such things. Elections do have consequences, and they can be horrific.

Where I live there was the State Director of Education race, and that is important. The differences between the two left of center candidates are small, but better than no difference. The State Appellate Court for my district race is breathtakingly important. I researched the candidates, and my vote was placed in what is for me an obvious place. One candidate is a temporary appointee of our current Governor, and it is not rocket for me to appose that judge. (my judicial candidate won).

I did not vote in any of the smaller races. I left the ballet blank. Not because they are not a mix of good or bad, but because they were all unopposed. Only the candidate or a write in could be voted for. I did not wish to vote for myself (yuck, yuck), so rather than add my vote to someone who might be bad (like most of them), I abstained.  It was a thoughtful, and considered decision.

Most people who are in state or national office today, the good and the bad, began in a local race. Philosophy and the direction of a nation, begins right down the block, not in Washington.

I am seeing a lot of fighting back right now from the right side of America.  Even the former commissioner of MLB Fay Vincent offered his opinions on the buffoonery that is Major League Baseball at the moment. Intelligent, proper voting laws were adopted in the state of Georgia. That prompted MLB to move its All Star game from Atlanta to Denver. He did so without even knowing the new law in Georgia, or  the existing law in Colorado.  Colorado has mainly the same voting laws as Georgia‘s new law. Their early voting laws are stricter than Georgia, not more lax.

Now, the many, many black small business owners in Atlanta, will not be able to cash in on the millions and millions of dollars that the game would gave  generated for restaurants, gas stations, bars, and other small businesses. Instead, the white and Hispanic business owners in Denver will prosper.

The commissioner based  his decision on news coverage of the Georgia bill, with no investigation. 

Remember what I said, the truth can no longer be found in what the media tells us, it’s found in what they don’t tell us.


Gull feather in the morning light.

God Bless,

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