All Encompassing

I share more nature photography than any other type of imagery on
these pages.  I suppose that’s because I have done more nature
photography than any other sort, although I have likely been published
more often in the world of auto racing. I have done some limited
people photography including a few “street shots”, and I have always
spent some time in the world of architectural image making, in
particular that of the historic variety.

Photography is an all encompassing medium, and it is especially artful
when contained to still photography and its ability to stop a fraction
of a second of life, forever. I find most genres of image making
interesting, and hope you do as well.

Still life painting is legendary in its history. Still life
photography is often ignored and it shouldn’t be. I have done some
studio photography back in my commercial days, and I love it. I
especially loved setting up still life scenes that have mood and
feeling, and doing so for my own satisfaction rather than to please a
manufacturer or an ad agency.

Martin Zalba created this beautifully lit image of a pair of old shoes
with socks.  The brush and the wood background are perfect.

Art is everywhere even if often it’s in the “eye of the beholder”.

Street photography is designed to sometimes show the human condition,
but more often isolate one fraction of a second in the day of the
average person.

Eric Kim made this shot in Seoul, South Korea and it is exquisite in
its value system of light and shadow. This woman, carrying an
umbrella, seems to be escaping a misty rain outside this walkway. The
peek a boo look we get at the city outside the walkway tests our
curiosity about the world she is escaping.

Airplane (not necessarily aerial) photography is a genre in and of
itself. The Photography Lifewebsite shares this image of a commercial
airliner “on the rise”, so to speak.

This could make a nice commercial shot but I think it shows one of the
most tense moments when taking a commercial flight, the take off.
There’s nothing but airplane and air in this picture, but it says a
3airplane photography

As most of you know, I owned horses for  long time. I was an avid and
sometimes a professional photographer during those times. I was often
asked and I always refused to make images of people’s horses. I did
the same with people’s smaller pets, and their children. I could see
nothing but trouble in doing that. With that said, I did make some
images of horses along the way.

I did photograph a few horse races, one speed event (called gymkhanas
in Colorado) with things like pole bending and barrel racing, and one
lone jumping show.

This nice image of a horse in mid-jump came from the website and it is the perfect moment, just as this
horse and rider almost reach the arch of their jump. Notice there is
much in common with this image and the previous photo of an airliner
on the rise.

Timing is everything.

Storm photography is one of those genres of image making that usually
include photographers who are addicted to what they do. Most lightning
photos are taken over the desert  and sometimes the mountains. Those
types of images are no more powerful than a lightning storm over the
water, and over a large city.

In the case of this image, I love the simplistic, even pure vision of
only two lightning bolts, over empty waters, but with the lights
(still very simple) of the city. The image remains uncomplicated while
we of course realize that there are thousands of people under those
lightning bolts, which adds the human touch to this photo.  Nick Rains
is the image’s creator.

I will finish with a simple old image of my own.

While I try not to over “anthropomorphize” wildlife in my images, they
do share things with us, and calling attention to where humans and
wildlife cross each other’s lives, seems natural to me.

Of course this Red-tail Hawk is searching the nearby growth for things
like voles and mice. He/she needs to eat, so it needs to locate
available food.

We take money, and we hunt with it in grocery stores, fine
restaurants, and fast food chains.

The hawk, is not only ignoring the sign by hunting, he/she carries
with it, some formidable weapons usually referred to as talons.

I love crossing the line a bit and photographically and (sort of)
humanizing the critters with which we share the planet. Every picture
tells a story.


There is a lot of great photography to be “inhaled“, of a lot of
differing subjects. I never tire of viewing photographic imagery.
Every picture does indeed tell a story, and being the storyteller has
always felt like a privilege to me so I appreciate your acceptance of
my doing so.

God Bless,

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