Artistic Sernity

Let’s begin today’s post with our featured image. I know not where
Mike Argo captured this work of art, and I know not if it is sunrise
or sunset, but who cares. This is what working at the edges of light
can bring. We just need the “vision” and the skill of Mike to go along
with it.  I would call this image, “Artistic Serenity”.


The rest of the images are my own photos from the “olden days” of photography.

This first picture was meant to be included in my last post, which of
course was all about birds. A small flock of Sandhill Cranes and a
blue sky day spells out good in any language.

The remainder of today’s images will go without comment on individual
pictures. They are meant to celebrate macro photography, and flowers.
In one case, a small hitchhiker asked to be included so I obliged.

Isolation via depth of field, color, or by use of light and shadows,
or the layering of flowers on one single plane separated by shadows,
were the primary techniques that I employed.
3HawthornFlBugs 095
4VPatBugs 010

5Copy3 of Copy of DSC_9830

6Miss 015b

7Slides10 100

Happy Trails,

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