Pearls of Wisdom (maybe) & Other Thoughts

I know at times this blog seems like an advice column. It is not. It
is however, an opinion column. The style in which I offer my opinions
may at times seem like I want to force feed them to readers, but I
actually believe in offering thoughts and opinions, and then backing
off. We all have a right to believe what we believe, as long as we do
not trample the rights of others along the way. It is that trampling
of rights, that I rail against the loudest on this blog.

With all of those opinions that I do give here, I am not one
to give advice on how to “socially” lead one’s life. I might even
suggest, that I am the last person who should do that. Rules however,
are made to be broken. Today I’ll break that rule and share some
thoughts on the subject.  If I can do nothing else, I can observe the
world around me, and remember my own social foibles

I have led my life like a hit and run artist, often planning my exits
before my entrance. In an accidental “re-meeting” with an old friend
one time, they said, “I just looked up and you were gone”.  They
didn’t say that they were all the better for it, but that may well be
what they thought.

I have incredible memories of those who are now long gone from my
life. If I  managed somehow to leave behind me some memorable words or
moments, well then I did my job. So to speak.

Memories are no substitute for living in the here and now, but they
are the foundations from which we build. They affect everything we do
from the moment of their origin on. (yes, I ended with a preposition).

All we can ask from each other, is that our times together are filled
with substance (and sustenance) and growth. Sometimes beneficial
ideas, sometimes laughter, and sometimes the unexpected. Each meeting
and each friendship is fulfilling if we just learn from each other.

“We are all students, and we are all teachers. Never stop learning,
and never stop sharing what you’ve learned.”

Those are (debatably) my pearls of wisdom for the day.


Other Thoughts

When I began this blog in 2010, one of the first posts I made was an
article on the state of photography at that time. They were my
observations, accompanied by my opinions. It was primarily about
professional nature/outdoor photography. What I wrote was sort of a
recognition of what had changed since the “takeover” of photography by
the digital revolution and the internet.

The evolution continues.

The time I have spent “not” creating images over these past years is
growing. I still stay abreast of the actual images that are currently
being made, but really only in three places.

I am still on Facebook although I am no longer involved except to
occasionally visit the Timeline pages of photographers I am “friended”
with, to find images and links from among them, so they can be shared
with the readers with this blog. I also visit my Earth Images group on
Flickr photos several times a week. I administer that group and also
find images and links to share on these pages. I have a good friend
who has a photography website and I always enjoy viewing her fine
imagery. Other than those things, I actually view very little of what
is being created today in the world of photography. I am in fact,
falling behind in my knowledge of current equipment, therefore I am
somewhat lacking in information about any new techniques that are
being employed by photographers. Above all, I pay very little
attention to what is happening in the world of professional

Stock photography, in the realm of magazines, books and calendars,
will never again be the chief source of income for nature
photographers. While books will continue to exist in print form, the
lavish pictures books of yesteryear are dying. The magazine industry,
which was the biggest market for outdoor photographers, is almost
dead. Most magazines and almost all newspapers, have or will become
websites. So-called web or E-magazines. Yes, once a year there will
still be a market for calendars, but it is in the process of shrinking
to a small, niche item.  Fine art photography will never completely
die, but it shrinks year by year. I can’t imagine that things like
high end brochures and post cards, even exist anymore. I mean everyone
in the world has a camera on their phone and that phone is with them
everywhere they go, and at all times.

In the late 1980s I told a photographer friend of mine that the only
way to make a good living at outdoor photography was to teach
workshops, and then augment that by giving seminars. I reiterated that
even more emphatically in 2010. Today it is often THE way to earn a

As much as everyone on the planet is on social media, and puts up
their own pictures, that is the best place to market workshops. Of
course, a viable website has been necessary since the mid to late

I won’t even mention how long I have been around serious photography
of one form (commercial, sports, etc.) or another. Photography still
remains the best way on earth to share with others, the things you
love. It also remains for normal everyday people like you and I, the
best format for creating and sharing our artistic visions of literal
subjects, as well as shapes and colors.

Everything evolves and technology is often the catalyst. Photography
“is” technology and always has been, so it continues to be a changing
scene with a mysterious future.  Digital image making, will in fact,
eventually be replaced by something else. Take it to the bank.

Enjoy the ride!

3Slides 2012 021


I should add, it seems as though I have been tossed off of Flickr Photos (leaving Earth Images abandoned) with zero explanation.  I have been there more years than I care to count. I am never political there and follow all of their rules. I leave behind my group Earth Images and its 1,860 members. This blog is linked on the group page, and I can only imagine that is what led to this. Free photos on Flickr maybe, but free speech anywhere seems to be their enemy. Flickr became a part of SmugMug some time back.

Just a few words about politics, from right of center.

There are and have been for the past year and better, Republicans who
are “going the extra mile” in an effort to win in 2020, and set a new
(for the millennial generation) set of ideals. To defeat the
socialists. You know, those left of center  politicos who hate
everything about America. To their defense, most of them are
Millennials who grew up in a bigoted, propaganda filled, speech
choking, off center school system, that gave birth to more “fearful,
angry, robots” than critical thinking adults.  (Those flaws are the
(original) responsibility of the generations that came before them
including mine. Of course ultimately they become their own

Most of those Republicans walk that extra mile in strong support of
the current president. This despite the fact that some don’t like him.
They speak out in his support daily, with no regard to their personal
likes and dislikes. That is called adulthood. It’s about caring more about your country than your personal ego.

I am grateful for those who support him because they like him, but
that is easy.

Those who will not accept him despite the conservative accomplishments
he has achieved, are giving up their rights to be called
conservatives. .

So here’s to Republicans and other conservatives who on a daily basis,
put their own feelings behind them so they can support this nation and
its leader, for the very reasons our founders first envisioned. They deserve a
large share of the applause for every victory that is achieved.

God Bless,
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