Visitor’s Gallery

I share a lot of lizard images on this blog and admittedly, most are not mine.

This wonderful eye level image of a Balkin Green Lizard was powerfully
created by Vladimir Tkalcic.

I love simple images that get to the point.

Our next image has a touch of the surreal and was created by Denis Ippolito.

This is beyond spectacular.  The subject is that of  an old, dilapidated school house. Did you notice the old washing machine in front? That is the first style of washing machine
that I remember as a small child.

These are wild horse traipsing through the sand on an island off the
shore of South Carolina. It was make by workshop leader and
photographer Ledra Davis Woodlee.

This image has a wonderful character to it.


Birds of Prey photographic superstar Sharon Landis caught this
immature Bald eagle in a terrific action pose on what appears to be a
seal carcass. Mmmm, yummy!!

There is so much detail in this picture that you can almost feel it.

This next image was created by landscape artist Michael Frye. I have
been in the interior of old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest.
This moody, artistic image captures the mood of those forests
brilliantly. Mood, created through atmosphere and light, is one of
photography’s greatest gifts. We just need image makers like Michael
to make them.

I would say this nest photo is a “let’s ride off into the sunset”  photo, but it is
mine, and as you might expect, it was created at sunrise.


I guess I love beginnings more than I do endings.

Adios Amigos,

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