Every Image Has Something to Say

Today we will begin with three excellent images from three fine
photographers. All of today’s photos which are from outsiders to this
blog, were submitted to and published in, my Earth Images Flickr

This “oceanscape” comes from Doug Marsh. I love the almost minimalist
quality of this image. On my first view of this picture I deemed it a
black & white conversion, but it seems to me I perceive some blueness
to that sky.

Either way, great image!


Phil Wheat always makes great submissions to Earth Images and this
wonderful shot of a Royal Tern all frilled out and posing like a
model, is also great!


Govindraj made this beautiful image of a flowering plant.

As many of you know, I love shadowy photos and especially flowers and
plants  with featureless, black backgrounds.  This appears to be
artificial light because of the way it dances off of two other parts
of the subject, way down in the darkness. A lovely image.


The rest of today’s images are mine, and I selected this first one as
a follow-up to the previous image.

Whenever possible, I create the black background effect naturally
while I am in the field and creating the original picture. I do that
by selecting lenses long enough to narrow down small bits of shadow in
back of my subjects. In this case I wound up with a slightly visible
green background. I have since, recreated the photo in the editing
process and removed all light and all detail from the background.  I do think that this edited version is both simpler and more powerful than my original. It is
less confusing and more succinct and to the point.

4HawthornFlowersDew 103

It has been many, many years since I stood camera on tripod and
attempted to capture the essence of a flying hummingbird. This male
Ruby-throat was photographed in 2008 and is hovering in front of a
feeder. The picture was made with manual focus and aperture priority.
That aperture was set at f8, which with no exposure compensation, meant
a shutter speed of 1/640 sec.  Plenty fast enough for a bird almost
standing in one place in midair. Of course his wings were anything but
still, so I made the conscious (artistic choice?) decision to accept
the blurred wings.


These next three images were all made the same day at the same location.

As I drove to my shooting location the rain fell intermittently and I
wondered how much photography I would be able to accomplish.  Still,
just maybe there would be cool clouds with some great color. You never

As I pulled up I began unloading my equipment at a rapid pace.  The
sun neared the horizon at just the perfect moment to force what I can
only describe and explosion of light. Beautifully colored light.

5Bong 727 009b

The American Kestrel in its best plumage, is simply drop dead
gorgeous!! I was happy to have this fellow and its mate, pose on a
series of signs along the roadside, making my car the perfect place to

6BongKestrel 019

A little later this hawk gave me an even closer look. I do believe
this is a Broad-winged Hawk and it was doing its best impression of an
owl.  An “almost” 180 degree head-turn backwards. At the time,  he/she
almost seemed friendly.

7RTail2012 046

Every picture has something to say.

Have a great day,

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