Having Fun

After all of these years, it is still fun for me to just share some
random images and comment on what I find.

The color of light. Ah yes, that is a subject I have mused about a
time or two on these pages.

Today’s first four images were all taken at White Sands, New Mexico,
be it at varying times of day. White Sands is a good place for
studying the color of light. These pure white  gypsum sands collect
colors nicely. Notice how the sand color slowly gets warmer with the
light. It almost becomes four different locations. What you are seeing
here, is a fairly good representation of early afternoon through
sunset, on a mostly clear late winter’s day.
1Slides3 048bbb


28Slides3 055

Back in 2009 when I made this picture I titled it, “The Gang of Five”.
These European Starlings  appeared to me to be
sort of like a street gang sizing me up for a beating. They were kind
to me instead and let me snap a few pictures.

I know that this is a species that most people, at least homeowners
with bird feeders, are not exactly fond of. For the photographer
however, they are just another subject waiting for our cameras.

Copy of DSC_5620

Every mammal seeks warmth and compassion and can be soothed by a
gentle touch.

This young Japanese Snow Monkey sought out some warmth and gentleness
from its mother, and like all good mothers she obliged. That made for
the perfect opportunity to collect a sensitive moment on film. Yes
film. The image was made in a public zoo on a cold winter’s day.


This is an image I have previously shared. It is the first Red Fox I
ever made serious pictures of. I share it today partially because I
have always enjoyed my rather simple, but aesthetically pleasing
composition here. Maybe I should give the fox credit, but either way,
the curve of the body and placement within the frame of that body just

This is another film image and my original jpg copy seems lost or deleted and I
have no intention or “wading” through my old film images in order to
make another copy. I say as to explain why I bring you a black & white
conversion with a sepia tone finish. That’s all I have and I have to
say, it kind of adds to the photo.

Have you ever made some “unique” decisions while you were editing
(playing with) images and decided to keep it?


Sometimes landscape photography can be all about un-complicating a
scene. This is yet another old film image, this time made in Arches
N.P., Utah. The only way to visually describe to you how much cleaner
and simpler this comp is than what I first saw upon arrival of this
location, would be to share with you the very first image I took of
the location. I can’t do that, so you’ll have to take my word as to my
brilliance in artistic composition regarding the job I did.

I jest of course.

Slides3 040

There’s nothing quite like a uniquely patterned butterfly, with a
unobtrusive background. There is nothing quite as unobtrusive as pure

Usually when I show images like this, I let you know how hard I worked
to carefully get a shadowed background. In this case, with yet another
old film image, it was actually created handheld with an electronic
flash. The ambient exposure was way below capturing any detail so flash was employed. The quick duration of the flash, allowed for a very brief
exposure in which I almost could not get a motion blurred picture. My
focus of course had to be right on and I would imagine I used auto
focus.  Something I rarely used in my photography.

Slides7 043bcd

Have fun and God Bless,









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