A Wolfe @ The Door

No there is no misspelling in today’s title. A wolf is a great thing
to behold, but a Wolfe can be none the less spectacular.

Art Wolfe has gone far beyond being a venerable image maker. He lives
in the rarefied air of the legends. Ansel, Galen, Shaw, Zuckerman and
the rest. He just might be at the top of that list.  His never ending
enthusiasm for nature, cultures and anything and everything that makes
compelling images, is unparalleled.

I never met Art, although once or twice through the years our images
have crossed paths. With all he’s done, Art also seems to possess the
sought after quality we call, niceness. It must be difficult to have
it all.

I am sure that Art and I might have differing opinions on a subject or
two, but isn’t it great once in a while to forget about all of that
and remember that there are sometimes nice people who can agree to

Art has created some of the most beautiful wispy, ethereal, cloud
abstractions. He always seems to know, that the whole world (and its
sky) is a photographic subject.





I first came to know Art’s wildlife work. Below we find some Japanese
Cranes (I believe), and a Mountain Gorilla

People and their cultures have always been a featured Art Wolfe subject.

This image shows Art in some sort of celebration in India. He always
knows how to be apart of his subjects, but to still know how to step
back and give them some room to be who they are. Bill Origer was the

Thank you Art for all the wonder you have shared with us, and keep it
going for a long, long time.


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