The Bridge to The Other Side, Bird Love, and a Splash of Color in The Darkness

Each of today’s first three images come from people I am “friended”
with on Facebook.  While I don’t really participate in Facebook
anymore, it is fun to look at the excellent images produced by those I
am connected with.

Yes, I ended the sentence with a preposition. That’s my specialty.

Deborah Sandidge is an all around landscape/seascape/cityscape
photographer who is well practiced at the art of image making. She has
her own style. I love this fairly “straight up” image of the famous
Golden gate Bridge. Her choice of lens and camera position makes this
image a perfect vertical, as it emphasizes the vertical portions of
the structure.


This picture of two mating Black-winged Stilts is gorgeous. I believe
his decision to “not” over crop this photo leaves we the viewers, with
a delicate balance of behavior and art.

Richard Steel is he photographer and a great one he is.

Ellen Anon creates a lot of florals, and they are always among my
favorites. This amazingly artful flower image is both wistful and
dramatic at the same time. As many of you know, I love dark,
uncomplicated backgrounds for close-ups and this one works


The images below are mine and they are all quite old. As usual, I
chose them completely at random. No theme here.

Generally if I make a road picture, that road has a surface
of dirt or sand. Apparently, wherever I was when I made this in 2006 I
felt like asphalt was acceptable. I think the curve up ahead, where
the road disappears into those rock forms was my motivating factor.
Sort of a “what lies ahead” question is being asked.


Searching for suitable macro material, whether I wound up with plants
or little critters as a subject, was my favorite way to spend a
morning with nature.

A Day Lily, and Polythemus Moth caterpillar and Monarch Butterfly in
that order, can be found below.
5Lily 042



Along with the landscape, birds are the top subject for nature
photographers. Below are three very different sorts of pictures, but
they are all avian in subject. A female Red-winged Blackbird with some
lunch for the kiddies, a “headless”  Wilson’s Phalarope and a young
Great-horned Owl are the subjects.
8PurpMart 143

9Copy of DSC_3807


Have a great day and “y’all” come back now,


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