Have You Got a Moment?

I’ve always had more than my share of personal eccentricities.  I can
state that it doesn’t always pay to be different, but it is what makes
us interesting.

From a small child on I’ve never really looked at my life as being
comprised of years or months or even days. To me, life has always been
a series of moments.

I have always felt that I have been blessed by each and every person
who has dared to stop and share my life with me, although I often
don‘t act like it at the time we are together. Whether we’re together
for 20 years or for 2 minutes, it is not the years but the moments
that I remember. I am sort of a “moment junky” and many people have
fed that junky and kept him alive and in a continual search for that
next moment.

I was married for fifteen years but it is the moments that I remember.
Every relationship or friendship in my life has within it, some very
special moments, which to me, define what that relationship was all
about. There are in fact, people who have only been in my life for a
few moments that have never left my memory because of the moments we

Pets, my time in nature, and many other things, have all been made up
of a series of moments. Everything large is made of many small
things.  How many moments (small things) fill up each and every day of
your life?

There are an uncountable number of moments, that I can relive at a
“moments notice“ from my childhood. Such as when I explored nature,
just me and my friends such as the grasshoppers and the Green Grass
Snakes or the waves of Lake Michigan, and more.

My past is full of people who only graced my path briefly. A few
moments or maybe an entire night. Every one of those people, gave me
something that I have stored in my memory. When you keep the moments,
you keep the months and the years as well.

Photography, to be more succinct still photography, is the perfect
mate for a moment junky.  It is of little wonder that I came to be a

A one minute exposure is a moment. Ten seconds. One half of a second.
One five hundredth of a second. One two thousandth of a second. The
moments get briefer, but no less compelling.

Photographic moments can indeed be very brief, as is the case with
this 1/1000th sec exposure of a Scaup taking off. This image of this
moment is still vivid in my memory today. Having an actual photo
helps, but I still remember it in my mind.

These next three images are all brief moments. They were here, and
then they were gone. Still, the moments remain. I love photography.


4MG 017
This next one is an old film image of a brief “moment” in the life of
a waterfall.
5SlidesWaterWinterFall 007

How long do you think the sun’s reflection, the waves, the surf and
the sand remained in this position?  I don’t know, but it only took
1/80th sec. to capture it forever.
6SurfSR 068

The best moments, the most important moments, carry with them an
emotional impact that will live forever. I may never know what father
fox, or his little kit were communicating to each other on that April
morn, but I know in my mind it was powerful and meaningful, and
because of photography, you can all share that moment with me.
7Fox4 033

God Bless those moments,


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