The Best of Times

My best days in the field as a nature photographer were when I covered
the three major disciplines of that endeavor in one day. Wildlife,
landscapes and macro/close-up photography is of what I speak. Oh it
can be subdivided into countless categories including macros of
animals, plants and an unimaginable number of subjects. Both grand
landscapes and minimal, and wildlife of all sorts in which either the
natural history or the art of it all can be featured.

In the end, close-ups, landscape and animals are the base of nature

Today’s images certainly weren’t all created in a single day, but I’ll
share them in one none the less.

I’ve photographed just about every sort of wild animal, both great and
small, but I’ve clicked the shutter with a bird in my viewfinder more
than anything else.

There is no end to the joy that can be realized, while spending hours
viewing and learning about birds, and then translating that knowledge
into photos.
1BlBirdGHO 097b

3Copy of DSC_3754


5HawNuthatch 071


I’ve tried to create as many different sorts of landscape/waterscape
photos as I have wildlife. My favorite time for making landscape
images was at the “edge of light”, as you will see in my first three
images below. Colorful light, and mysterious shadows are our friends
when out photographing the land.


9Fl1GSDs 038

The American west has a lot to offer the landscape photographer.

Of course winter is made for photography and if you live where I do,
that sort of image making can be accomplished right around home.
11SnOwl2 031

12Winter Pets 050

My favorite form of outdoor image making is macro.

Flora, fauna and everything else is fair game for your camera.  Today
we feature autumn leaves and “little critters”

The patterns, colors and details available to a photographer in fall,
are amazing.
13Pets70 012

14WhitFall 030

Take aim and shoot.

From butterflies to damsels and dragons, macro photography is a study
in details.
15fDSC_6649 (22)

17zzKBdfly 088

Some little critters are less little than others. This Bull Frog
presented me the opportunity to focus on the most fascinating part of
its body, the eyes. Or better said the eye.


I thank you for indulging me and allowing me to do what I enjoy most,
share images with you.

Happy Trails,

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