Merry Christmas

Let me take this opportunity to sincerely offer each of you a joyful
and a Merry Christmas.

Whether for you, Christmas is a family holiday, religious, or both, it
is nice to remember what inspired Christmas.

Mathew 1:23
Behold a virgin shall be with Child, and shall bring forth a Son, and
they shall call His Name Emmanuel, which being interpreted means God
with us.

1John 5:11 &12

11 And this for the record (the record can be interpreted as the Word
of God or the Bible), that God has given us Eternal Life, and this
Life is in His Son (Christ is the Source, the Cross is the means)

12  He who has the Son, has Life, he who has not the Son of God, has not Life.

Throughout literature, the stage, movies, television and life, our most
celebrated characters and hero’s have been saviors.

The knight in shining armor who saves the damsel in distress. The lady
who lives at the edge of town and offers a home to orphans so they can
feel loved and cared for. The soldier, fireman or cop who put
themselves in serious jeopardy so someone else can remain alive. The
doctor who fixes the failures of our bodies, so we can go on.

For over 2,000 years now, there’s been another Savior on the job. This
Savior offers life, everlasting life, to sinners like you and me. He
saves us from death do to sin.  All we need to do is ask Jesus for our
Salvation, ask forgiveness for our sins, and have undying faith in
what He offers.

Today we celebrate the holiday we have created, to acknowledge His
birth, and what He has done for so many for all of these years, and
will always do for those who ask.


May God Bless you, and have a Merry Christmas,


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