Self Deliverance

We’re all born different, and it’s my guess, that is God’s plan.

Despite over 20 years of writing about everything on this thing called
the internet, from photography, sports, politics and religion, and in
some cases my life, and despite my giving away some aspects of my
personal life, I am a private type of individual and I always leave
out those things that would invade my or anybody else‘s, privacy.

I hate making small talk. The worst times of my life were when I,
alone or with somebody else, would go to somebody’s residence to talk.
Just talk. I was never a fan of house parties unless I already knew
most of the people.  Conversely however, when I have gotten to know
you over time, I enjoy delving into each other’s inner workings, with
some limits.

The one thing (unfortunately) that provided me with the courage or
ammo if you please, to make conversation at will, was alcohol. Two
drinks at a bar, with all the commotion that exists there,
and I could talk the daylights out of you.

One might assume that I am a shy person. I am not. I can speak in
front of an audience, be it small or large. While I would never ram my
opinions down the throat of someone I just met, I do not shy away from
offering them when it seems appropriate.

I am simply not interested in the minutia of the lives of people I do
not know. I am equally disinterested if offering the personal data of
my own life, to those I have only met recently.

I have always admired those that are so blessed with the “gift of
gab”, that they can hold long conversations with people they just met.
My own father and mother could do that, but it never rubbed off.

The point to today’s article, if you choose to call it that, is to
share with readers, including those whom I have never met, some
thoughts about who I am, but to do so as usual, without revealing any
truly personal facts about myself. We are indeed all different, and
this is just me being me.

I should say, I certainly do not write these sort of “personal posts” because I think the world is or should be interested in me or what kind of person I am. I do so because we are all different and these writings sometimes instigate some personal reflection from readers.

So who are you? Would I hide from you at a party, or would I
commiserate with you?  Would I seek you out, or beg for deliverance?

In the end, the only deliverance other than the Lord’s that matters, is our own.

God Bless,


Me and my shadow

Bwing 033

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