Earth Images on Flickr

Earth Images on Flickr

The four images you see below were copied off my group Earth Images on
Flickr Photos. I chose them because they were either interesting,
entertaining, excellent, or any (mostly) combination thereof. I tried
not to use any full time professional photographers.

What a great photo of a Cape Buffalo caked in mud, with a Cattle Egret
looking on in bemusement. It seems to me the egret is trying to decide
whether it’s worth getting dirty to “ride the buffalo” in search of
insects. Wonder if he/she did?  David Hartley got the shot.


Gannets always make such soft, beautiful images. Alec Bonser created
this close-up image of one such bird as it (I believe) was gathering
some nesting material. Well-done.


Ok, publishing this one makes me feel like a duck pornographer.  Doran Stacy
captured this one of a kind image. I admit, I am not quite sure just
how this would work, but there must be some method to the madness.


I find this image from Peter Warne  absolutely mesmerizing. It is a Green Fly on a plant. Have you noticed how often it is when I share a variety of images, that it is the macro which causes me to sit down and catch my breath?  Amazing shot.


I’ll finish with one of my own. There is nothing like a sunset in the Rockies. The trip back down in the darkness is sometimes a bit rough, but it’s always been worth it to me.

LCanSanJuan 078b

Well I hope you enjoyed this brief visit into the imagery of four
artists who submit pictures to Earth Images on Flickr. There may be
changes to groups on Flickr as the journey continues. It began as a
Yahoo site, has been owned by I am not sure who for several years, and
is now a part of SmugMug. If the changes are not to my liking I will
abandon the group (something I did for other reasons previously with
North American Nature Photography) and say goodbye to yet one more
facet of my web presence.

Congratulations (yesterday) to my home state of Wisconsin on its 170th birthday. The Badger State, so named because of early miners who “dug in like badgers”, has
it’s ups and downs, but for better or for worse, it was my home in the
beginning, and it will be at the end, so here’s to you Wisconsin!!


There’s currently a country song out that asks the question “when was
the last time you did something for the first time”? The song is
called For the First Time and is by Darius Rucker.

One of the reasons I love song lyrics is that occasionally they are
profound. Some make big and powerful statements and become iconic like
Sounds of Silence by Paul Simon, and sometimes they are a top 40 hit
on the country parade like Darius’s song. What’s trite to some, can be
profound to others. It depends on your needs when you hear it.

So when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Been a while for me.

Think about it.

 Happy Trails to You,


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