In Memory Of

Today is the day of picnics and family outings, but it is also the day
to remember all of those Americans who lost their lives in conflicts
fought both here and around the world. It is specifically set aside,
to salute those who died in wars. Over 1 million 350 thousand Americans
have given their lives in wars beginning with the Revolution, and
continuing on today in Afghanistan.  By far, our own Civil War cost
America the most lives, followed by World War ll. Currently in America
we are fighting a different sort of civil war, but our flag remains a symbol of not only the memory of those who gave everything, but why they gave everything. That’s why we put our differences aside and stand and face the flag during the playing of our National Anthem.


I never served in the military. I was of age and a part of the draft
during the latter days of the War in Vietnam. 58,000 died in that war, some of them
friends and neighbors of yours and mine. I missed going to Vietnam
because I had a high draft number, and I did not enlist. I try to
never forget how easy I have had it.

Join me today in remembrance of all of those who died for our country.
There are always those who will do the job, so we won’t have to.


God Bless,


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