Same Ole, Same Ole?

If you have read or at least skimmed this blog for any amount of time,
it might seem (only) at a glance that it is the same ole, same ole every
time. Far from it.

I certainly have subjects, led by photography, that I am
interested in and I publish my thoughts about them a lot. But I also
write a lot of articles about politics, social issues and religion. Of
course then again, I write a lot about my personal journey from
childhood until today. I sometimes write about painters or even
sculptures.  Sometimes I write about horses (a page from my past) and at
times I write about individuals from history, be that the history of
photography, this nation, or the world. I have written at times about current
events of my life, although events are far enough and few enough
between, as to make those posts rare. That is the least interesting subject I write about anyway. Sometimes I share song lyrics that I either think are great, or terrible. I also write about the terminology we use and how little thought we put into what we say. A
recent article about the terms “whatever makes you happy”, and “as
long as it makes you happy” would be an example. In fact, I pretty
much will write about whatever comes to my sometimes fertile

I guess in the end, for good or bad, this blog is actually about any
subject that occurs to me. It’s really about how I observe and
interpret the world around me. So for me, writing the same ole, same
ole, means anything and everything.

I always appreciate your stopping by and taking a look at what I have
to say today.


The quotation below comes from a book of such quotes, called the Bible.
It is the only book I know that can breath life back into those who
are spiritually dead. I know what I am talking about. With its
knowledge and wisdom, by following it, a rebirth is possible.  A
chance to be “born again” if you will.

John 11:25
Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whosoever
believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.


A couple of humble images of God’s great work to leave you with.

18Hc2 098Turquoise Lake, CO

God Bless,


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