In the world of wildlife photography, the power of the image is often
in the the details.

Colorado’s Dan Walters has become one of my favorite wildlife
photographers. Precise, detailed, and artistic images of wild animals
are his forte.

I’ve often written on these pages how I feel that wild animals are in
and of themselves art. Photographers just need to recognize it when we see it,
and have the photographic skill set, and the ability to share what
we’ve seen. Things like what crop to use, including vertical or
horizontal, and our own ability to comprehend the art that is in front of us,
seals the deal.

Whatever method Dan used, he hit a home run with this breeding
plumage photo of an American White Pelican.

1am wh pel dan walters
Little critters are wildlife too.

A few months ago when I rediscovered (for myself) photography great
John Gerlach, I was thrilled to find him but was a bit disappointed with the fact that
there were no macros in the first group of images I viewed. I was happy to find this classically composed picture of a Pipevine Swallowtail on my return trip to his Timeline.

Simple, plus elegant, plus technical perfection = art.  Superb!!

2Pipevine Swallowtail John Gerlach

When I want to view mind bogglingly close, sharp images of insects, I
always visit Robert Vierthaler. This photo of one and one half eyes of
a Snipe Fly, caught my immediate attention when I was viewing photos
in my Flickr group, Earth Images. His imagery is always crisp, but
this comp is also art. Well-done again Robert.

3snipe fly Robert Vierthaler

I hope Each of you enjoyed today’s journey. Three great subjects from
three great photographer/artists!!

Happy Trails,


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