I must admit that over time, I have changed the way I approach photography related posts on this blog. Several years ago I would get an idea such as, how I approach abstract image making, or how I stalk wildlife in open country (slowly but without hiding), how I photograph architecture, or even how I solicit, package and ship stock photos. In recent years I have reached the point where I now view some photos in a folder or two, select some images and then write whatever comes to mind. That could be a theme of some sort, or maybe each and every image will be accompanied by thoughts independent of all the other pictures. I will admit, that after so many years of doing this, the latter method works best for me. Today, with winter on our doorsteps, I will return to a “themed” post.

Ice, Frost, & Other Cold Memories

Many of my finest memories in nature photography, were garnered while I was out in the cold, with ice, frost and other such things. I dressed warm (usually), and had the time of my life.

For those of you who have been with me for a while, you will not find anything new below. Just a chilly walk down memory lane. I have tried to stay away from snow shots, and given you ice and/or hoarfrost. These images, are as much about all the amazing formations that frozen water becomes, as they are about photography.

1BongSrDec 022

2Ice 075

3BongSrDec 074

4Slides5 003

5SlidesWaterWinterFall 023

6Copy of Slides5 012

For frozen

7SlidesWaterWinterFall 027

8SlidesWaterWinterFall 015

9Copy of Ice 068c

10Ice 049

11Ice 053

12Ice 084


15Slides2 049

17Slides2 052

18Slides5 016


20Slides5 033

20tnDSC_6649 (6)


Emotional Discourse

Emotions by definition, come to us instinctively rather than through clear, careful thought. They can provide warmth and solace, or they can make us uncomfortable or sad. We can even become emotional about our emotions.

I believe that all emotions except hate are good by nature, but can become bad.

Yes love is good, but it can also bring much pain and suffering. It can cause us to misjudge in order to validate our reason for that love. Anger is one of our most beneficial emotions. More is accomplished, and more can be learned through (righteous) anger than any other emotion. Anger can also turn to hate and even rage if not kept in check. Sadness is well, sad, but it can cause us to search for that brighter side. We can reveal much joy (an emotion) by refusing to remain sad. Fear can be logical or illogical. It can protect us from harm, or prevent us from living.

Some people include humor as an emotion. To me, humor is an intellectual exercise. Even the lowest grade of humor, including slapstick, requires the use of the brain to interpret what was meant by the act. It is not instinctive although we can become so attuned to some forms of humor, that it seems instinctive rather than thought out.

Emotions are both the candy and the bitter pill of living. None of us, would be who we are without them.

Psalm 46:1,2
1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. 2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.

God Bless,                                                                                                                                          Wayne

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